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History Were Sufi saints sent by Muslim rulers to India? Is Taj Mahal a Hindu Temple? No, Mughals didn’t loot us. They made us rich Were Muslim Rulers Iconoclasts? Truth behind tales of Temple destruction Why Was Somanatha Raided by Mahmud of Ghazni? Aurangzeb, Mohammed Ghaznavi, Shivaji and Tipu Sultan BJP’s attempt to poison the […]

Inventions in the medieval Islamic world

SOURCE: A number of inventions were developed in the medieval Islamic world, a geopolitical region that has at various times extended from Spain and Africa in the west to the Indian subcontinent and Malay Archipelago in the east.[1] The inventions listed here were developed during the medieval Islamic world, which covers the period from […]

फतवा और मीडिया प्रोपगंडा (ज़रूर पढ़ें)

ब्लॉग: अगर बाबा रामदेव भी टोपी पहेन कर कुछ बोल दें तो मीडिया उसे फतवा बना देगी! पिछले कुछ समय से अगर आप कोई न्यूज़ चैनल लगाएं। तो ये तो हो ही नही सकता के आप तलाक़, अज़ान, फ़त्वा जैसे शब्दों को न सुनें। इतने शब्द तो ETV उर्दू, मुंसिफ और ZEE सलाम जैसे “टोकन […]

Does Islam Consider Women As Tilth?

By Sulaiman Razvi Islamophobic Hindus have made objection to verse 2:223. They have raised two questions about this verse which shall be answered in this article inshallah. I am not a scholar, I am just a common Muslim with basic knowledge, so may Allah forgive me if I make error in explaining Quranic verses here. […]

No, Mughals didn’t loot India. They made us rich

They remained as Indians, not colonists. by Rana Safvi ( India gained independence in 1947 after a long freedom struggle with British imperialism. Perhaps because of that, lack of historical knowledge and sense we see all conquests as colonisation. Colonisation is described by professor Harbans Mukhia as “governance of a land and its people, now […]