No, Mughals didn’t loot India. They made us rich

They remained as Indians, not colonists. by Rana Safvi ( India gained independence in 1947 after a long freedom struggle with British imperialism. Perhaps because of that, lack of historical knowledge and sense we see all conquests as colonisation. Colonisation is described by professor Harbans Mukhia as “governance of a land and its people, now […]

Were Muslim Rulers Iconoclasts?

By Maqbool Ahmed Siraj Much of the evidence of what Hindu nationalists claim about demolishing and desecration of temples by Muslim rulers is found in Persian sources. Now this is projected as a proof of Muslim intolerance, tyranny and despotism against Hindu subjects or the vanquished people. But it does not tell all.

BJP’s attempt to poison the past

  By Pawan Khera The BJP attempted to do in Aligarh Muslim University what it is best at doing – fanning communal trouble by culling out from History selective instances to further its polarizing cause.