Books on Hinduism


Download PDF Ebooks on Hinduism


Meat Consumption and Animal Sacrifice in Valmiki Ramayana by Muhammad Qasim Al Hanafi


Ved Ka Bhed (Urdu) by Maulana Maulvi Abdus Samad Sahab Rahmani


Swami Dayanand Ke Qaulo Fa’il Mein Tazaad (Urdu)


Hindu Kaun? (Urdu)


Riddles in Hinduism by Dr B.R. Ambedkar


Sacchi Ramayana by Periyar


The Hindus an alternate History by Wendy Doniger


The Myth of Holy Cow by D N Jha


Why I am not a Hindu by Kancha Ilaiah

The Origins of Evils in Hindu Mythology, Wendy Doniger O’Flaherty


On Hinduism by Wendy Doniger


Dreams, Illusions and other Realities by Wendy Doniger




Taddude Izdwaj


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