What is Shivling?

Analysis of Lingam (updated)   Written by Sulaiman Razvi The meaning of Shiva Ling or Lingam has become a subject of controversy in recent times. Hindus revere the Shiv Ling. Hindu god Shiva is considered “The Destroyer” part of Trimurti and he is also considered the Ascetic god. The early scholars of Hinduism didn’t lay […]

Debauchery in Valmiki Ramayana: A stinging rejoinder to lecherous Hindus

    By: Muhammad Qasim al-Hanafi It’s a retaliatory action from me, a Muslim, against blasphemous writings, speeches & slogans continuously, by Hindus on social media, and in their ‘Dharm-sabha’ congregations, and in their religious rallies, denigrating the only Creator of the universe ‘Allah’, and the best of creation ‘Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)’. These lines will […]

Books on Hinduism

Download PDF Ebooks on Hinduism   – Meat Consumption and Animal Sacrifice in Valmiki Ramayana by Muhammad Qasim Al Hanafi   – Ved Ka Bhed (Urdu) by Maulana Maulvi Abdus Samad Sahab Rahmani   – Swami Dayanand Ke Qaulo Fa’il Mein Tazaad (Urdu)   – Hindu Kaun? (Urdu)   – Riddles in Hinduism by Dr […]

Meat Consumption and Animal Sacrifice in Valmiki Ramayana

  Meat consumption and animal sacrifice in Valmiki Ramayana By: Muhammad Qasim al-Hanafi The Valmiki Ramayana is one of the foremost ‘Pramānās (Evidences)’ for a Hindu. The epic traditionally ascribed to the Maharishi Valmiki. This epic is divided into seven kāṇḍas: the ayodhyakāṇḍa, the araṇyakāṇḍa, the kiṣkindakāṇḍa, the sundarākāṇḍa, and the laṅkākāṇḍa (also called Yuddhakāṇḍa). These five […]

Contradictions in the Vedas

Written by Sulaiman Razvi Do mention the blog address and name of writer when you copy this article This article deals with contradictions in Vedas more particularly the Rig Veda. Contradictions in religious scriptures prove that either it is not a word of God because a god cannot make mistakes, or it is that the […]

Intoxicant Consumption in Hinduism

Written by Sulaiman Razvi Hinduism is perhaps the only religion in the world which has a deity of liquor called Varuni and a god like Shiva associated with Bhang (cannabis). Intoxicant consumption is not unknown in Hindu society. In fact, intoxicants like Bhang and liquor have become ceremonial beverages during Hindu festivals like Holi and […]

Scientific Errors In Hinduism

SCIENTIFIC ERRORS IN HINDUISM Written by Sulaiman Razvi The Hindus claim that they were so scientifically advanced that everything was made by them. Later on the knowledge was either destroyed by Muhgals or the white people copied their ideas. As soon as something is discovered they claim that it was already mentioned in Hindu scriptures. […]

Killing Infidels in Hinduism

    Written by Sulaiman Razvi Do mention the link of this blog when you copy any verse You may have heard a lot of Hindus saying that Hinduism is a very peaceful and tolerant religion (or the way of life as they say). Hindus say that unlike other religions (hinting at Islam and Christianity) […]

Caste System in Hinduism

  Written by Sulaiman Razvi Caste system is one of the evils of Hindu religion that still exists in the society. Caste system is nothing but isolating the low castes from the society. It divides people within the Hindu fold. The condition of low caste people has been miserable. Low castes people suffered the Brahminical […]