Contradictions in the Vedas

Written by Sulaiman Razvi Do mention the blog address and name of writer when you copy this article This article deals with contradictions in Vedas more particularly the Rig Veda. Contradictions in religious scriptures prove that either it is not a word of God because a god cannot make mistakes, or it is that the […]

Intoxicant Consumption in Hinduism

Written by Sulaiman Razvi Hinduism is perhaps the only religion in the world which has a deity of liquor called Varuni and a god like Shiva associated with Bhang (cannabis). Intoxicant consumption is not unknown in Hindu society. In fact, intoxicants like Bhang and liquor have become ceremonial beverages during Hindu festivals like Holi and […]

Subsidy to Hindu pilgrims

by Sulaiman Razvi Right wing groups in India keep mum about government’s subsidy to Hindu pilgrims but makes Hajj subsidy a controversial word. Right wing groups rants about subsidy given to Muslim pilgrims. Hajj subsidy is withdrawn by BJP government and I hope that it would do the same with subsidies to Hindu pilgrims and […]

Summary on the life of Rama

Written by Sulaiman Razvi This is not actually a brief summary on the life of Rama. As I didn’t put much effort in writing this article, as many verses were already available with me. Rama has become like a main god of Hinduism due to the much conflict of his birthplace. And the chant ‘Jai […]

Head transplant in Vedic period

Written by Sulaiman Razvi Some doctors say head transplant is impossible and some say it could be possible in future. But Hindu gods used to do head transplant in the Vedic period after beheading. Instead of calling this as a miracle Hindus try to prove it scientifically. The most famous head transplant everyone knows is […]