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This website is created with the sole purpose of answering Hindu polemics of Islam. Hindus have been writing against Islam from last 200 years. Many of you may be surprised to read that but it’s a fact, Hindus wrote many books against Islam in the 19th century. In the 1980s they again wrote many Anti-Islamic books and in this digital age, they are using websites and social media to denigrate Islam. Muslims never wrote anything against Hindus in response, this was like encouragement to Hindus. Hence to correct this mistake, this website is created to answer those Islamophobic Hindus. Hindus become so used to denigrating Islam that they pass remarks against Islam without any hesitation.

According to PEW survey, 93% of Muslims view Hindus favorably while only 65% Hindus view Muslims positively. The problem with Indian Muslims is that they ignore all the humiliation all the persecution they face and take few good Hindus as an example to portray entire Hindu community whereas Hindus take few bad examples from Muslims and use that to demonize entire Muslim community. Hindus whether they are ex DGP, whether ex-army officer, High Court Judge, Lawyers, Doctor, journalist, celebrities, politicians or anything all of them have hatred against Muslims. 50% of policemen feel Muslims are prone to committing crimes, and I am sure almost all of these 50% policemen belong to Hinduism. Hatred doesn’t develop overnight, this immense hatred is the result of consistent brainwashing since their childhood. No matter how prestigious posts they get you can’t take that Hindutva mentality out of them. The fact that anyone who gives hate speeches against Muslims or is involved in anti Muslim attacks is elected to power by Hindus sums up their hatred against Muslims. Today the Hindu community is so radicalized that no one needs to instigate them or brainwash them. They didn’t even spare Muslims during the Coronavirus pandemic, while the whole world was fighting Coronavirus, Hindus in India were busy communalizing this issue, they blamed Muslims for the spread of Coronavirus which were followed by series of attacks and boycotts against Muslims in India. But such mentality was absent when 743 staff of a popular temple Tirupati were infected with Virus as the temple held gatherings during the lock-down unlike the Tablighi Jamaat case. Muslims were blamed even when a pregnant elephant died in an accident in Kerala after consuming explosives meant to ward off wild boar attacks. Hindus blamed Muslims even when two Sadhus were lynched by Adivasis when Sadhus were roaming in a car during lockdown and when numerous child lifting cases were reported in that area, a minister of Maharashtra state had to clarify that no Muslim was involved in the lynching of the two Sadhus.


I recommend readers to go through the article, Hindus Calling for Massacre of Muslims and Celebrating Persecution of Muslims.


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  1. Sir when I copy something from this website and show it to people, they ask for the source of the verses…..they say, these are fake references so kindly give us the source from where we can confirm the verses.

  2. No matter how many evidence you furnish to them, they won’t believe. The reason I did not mention source link is because Hindus would think the source link is created by a Muslim or Christian, when I used to argue with them and post links of their scriptures they used to deny the reliability of the source links. Anyway, you can verify the verses from websites like sacred-texts.com and wisdomlib

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