Killing Infidels in Hinduism

    Written by Sulaiman Razvi Do mention the link of this blog when you copy any verse You may have heard a lot of Hindus saying that Hinduism is a very peaceful and tolerant religion (or the way of life as they say). Hindus say that unlike other religions (hinting at Islam and Christianity) […]

Vedas and World Peace Part 2

Written by Abd al-Muhsin Al Hindy In this part we will see some more heinous acts legislated by the barbaric Vedas. We’ve seen how Hindūs are ever zealous in maligning Islām, alleging it to be ‘violent’ , intolerant but have the people seen the true ‘teachings’ of this self-claimed ‘ahinsac’(non-violent) religion? Let’s read the ‘unholy’ […]

Vedas and World Peace Part 1

Written by Ibn Muhammad Islam is being severely attacked, bashed, mocked by a certain dedicated team in cyberspace. A large number of these ‘Islam Haters’ happen to be Hindu fanatics. Obviously, their sole agenda is to create aversion in the minds of common people against Islam. Their full time job is to prove that the […]

Hinduism and Religious Tolerance

Written by Ibn Muhammad Among the most widely propagated myths in the world today is that Hinduism is the most tolerant religion and that it has had no history of persecuting the followers of other faiths. The advocates of Hinduism leave no stone unturned to make the masses believe this myth. The most favourite tactic […]

List of Attacks by Hindu Radicals

By Sulaiman Razvi Some Hindus accuse non Hindus of being communal and violent. Claims that only they are peaceful and most tolerant community in the world. Ironically these lines are said by them after hurling couple of abuses at other religions. Let’s have a look at communal violence perpetrated by Hindus. I am not talking […]