Vedas and World Peace Part 2


Written by Abd al-Muhsin Al Hindy

In this part we will see some more heinous acts legislated by the barbaric Vedas. We’ve seen how Hindūs are ever zealous in maligning Islām, alleging it to be ‘violent’ , intolerant but have the people seen the true ‘teachings’ of this self-claimed ‘ahinsac’(non-violent) religion? Let’s read the ‘unholy’ verses of their so-called Holy book ‘vedas’.

Intolerance and killing in vedas –

Food to him who knows the science of air, and to him who is the chief killerHomage to the expert in the construction of houses, and to their protector. Food to the wealthy, and to him who makes the wicked weep. Homage to him who abhors sin and to him who practices Virtue”

– [Yajurveda Ch 16, verse 39, pg.173, Tr. Devi Chand]

“We learned persons accept as our ruler, thee, the introducer of new plans for our advancement, the master of loyal subjects, the embodiment of virtue, the most advanced in noble qualities and acts, the queller of the irreligiousthe pure, the specimen of endurance, the master of prowess, and the helper and educator of all.”

– [Yajurveda Ch 7, verse 36, pg.77, Tr. Devi Chand]

The verse quoted above speak for themselves, the second verse commands killing of irreligious and here this is one of the reasons why‘learned person’ are accepting, a ruler, due to his intolerance towards who are irreligious! While the first verse praises ‘Chief-killer’ by stating food to him who’s the chief killer! We need no more statements from the vedas; these amply put our point in place. And these are the verses from the book of a religion which often labels itself as ‘ahimsac’ (non-violent). Such cults and religions often label themselves as non-violent in order to hide the true face of their creed.

Killing irreligious foes in Vedas-

“O king, make progress in thy duty of administration, extend happiness to the virtuous. O terrible chastiser, burn down the irreligious foes. O splendid person, humiliate and consume utterly like dried up stubble, him, who encourages our foe.”

– [Yajurveda, Ch 13, verse 12, pg.138, Tr. Devi Chand]

Above verse commands protestant Hindū King to burn down irreligious foes like stubble, this is what protestant Hindūs call ‘tolerance’. And this is reagarded as progress in the administrative duty of a Hindū King! We’ve always found Hindūs criticizing Muslims and belittling them as barbarians, because few so-called Muslims rulers allegedly have been intolerant and have killed thousands of Hindūs, while conquering India. This is the ‘Classical hypocrisy’ of Hindūs; they’ve always criticized people for being barbaric, intolerant and violent against Hindūs, but what about these unholy verses from their so-called holy books? Islām never allowed such barbaric acts , but if some Muslim indulge into such acts then he’s to be blamed not Islām, but Islāmophobes like Agniveer have always blamed Islām – this shows their bias, irrationality and unreasonable state of mind. But now we question, what about Hindūism which quite evidently is commanding Hindūs to kill innocents because they are irreligious?

Burning of irreligious people! , still we find protestant Hindūs adamantly criticizing Islām and other faiths with so-called intolerance, extremism, fundamentalism and violence, when their religion itself is the paragon of such barbaric things.

Mass-carnage, killing of innocents – children, females, sick, old, commanded and encouraged in vedas:

Now let’s see what the barbaric Vedas have to say about this, we’ll show our readers what the so-called “Ahinsac” (non-violent) Vedas command.

O friendly countrymen, encourage the commander of the army, and begin the battle with him, who with his physical, mental and militarystrength, cleaves the enemies’ familiesusurps their landis armed with weapons, slay’s the foes, subdues the enemy in the battle, and conquers him.” – [Yajurveda, Chapter 17, verse 38, pg-182, Tr. Devi Chand]

May the commander of the army, who, with surpassing vigour pierces in the battles the families of the enemiesis pitiless, wild with angerunconquerable by foes, conqueror of the enemy’s forces, unequalled in fight, and victor, protect our armies.”

– [Yajurveda, Chapter 17, verse 39, pg-182, Tr. Devi Chand]

Interestingly, Vedas teach protestant Hindūs to usurp the lands of those who’ve been invaded, annihilate, and tear apart the families of the enemy! Another Vedic verse commands the King (in Hindi translation and ‘Indra’ in English translation and Original Sanskrit ) to expel the enemies out of their homes and kill/demolish those who fight Hindūs


[Atharvaveda, Khand 6, Sūkta 75, Mantra 1]


I thrust you man out of home, the rival who fights [us], with the oblation of ejectment Indra hath demolished him.”

– [, Atharvaveda, 6.75.1]

Look at these inhuman verses from the vedas! Now what does the hatemongers (agniveer et .el)say? We know they do not have any answers nor will they will dare to answer us. This is what is called ‘hypocrisy’ and Mūlshankar and his blind-followers are full with it. We wonder why these people cry about the alleged killing of innocents by Arab invaders, when their own ‘holy’ book orders to Hindu commander-in-chief to mercilessly kill the whole families including children, old, sick, women …etc Why these islamphobes complaining when their own ‘holy’ book, call for mass carnage of innocents! Why? Because they are Hypocrites, what more proof will an unbiased person need?

Looting is the way to prosperity according to vedas (‘battle is the source of thy (hindūs) prosperity’):

Now let’s go to looting, . Let’s see what the Hindū scriptures state about it. Looting is the way to prosperity this is the principle expounded by the Vedas, and other protestant Hindū texts.

Chariots and horses, elephants, parasols, money, grain, cattle, women, all sorts of (marketable) goods and valueless metalsbelong to him who takes them (singly) conquering (the possessor).

– [Manu Smriti, Chapter 7, verse 96, pg 231]

Now, when Manu Shāstra itself says that all the marketable goods and other materials belong to the conqueror, then why is it the followers of Manu Shāstra (protestant Hindūs) are found crying when Arab invaders took few things similar to it? Why? Answer is Hypocrisy! It’s not this simple, in fact according to Vedas battles are considered as source of prosperity as battles include looting. Read with your own eyes.

Thou, head of the state, the conqueror of enemies, the lord of five classes of subjects under thy sway, and armies, strong in body and soul, take with thy meals, invigorating herbs, for pleasure and conquest. Fill thy belly with the sweet flow of well-cooked meals. Thou art the sovereign of all great deeds and requiring deep thought. Thou hast been initiated in the rules of administration ; we harness thee for battle involving the use of arms and weaponsThis battle is the source of thy prosperity; hence we goad thee to that battle.”

– [Yajurveda, Ch 7, verse 38, pg. 78, Tr. Devi Chand]

Also see Sāmaveda exposing the greed of Hindūs,


-[Sāmaveda, Prapāthaka 1,Daśti 9, mantra 1]


“By Garga. O Agni, to whose going no obstruction can be made, bring us strength imparting provisions, lead us into the way of acquiring wealth and abundant supplies of food”–[ Sāmaveda Prapāthaka 1,Daśti 9, mantra 1, ]

And another verse even more explicitly exposes the greed and craves for wealth and glory,

O Commander of the army, may we fulfill our desires through thy protection. O Lord of wealth, may we get the riches which give us valiant sons. Waging fight may we succeed in battles. O Commander free from old age, with thy aid, may we win undecaying wealth and glory.”

– [Yajurveda, Ch. 18, Verse 74, pg-202-203, Tr. Devi Chand]

The Vedas also order its fanatic blind –followers to mutilate and faze enemies during battle, and usurp the wealth of the enemy dividedly.


– [Atharvaveda, Khand 6, Sūkta 66, Mantra 3]


Handless be these our enemies! We enervate their languid limbsSo let us part among ourselves, in hundreds, Indra ! all their wealth.

– [Atharvaveda 6, Hymn 66, verse 3]

And what do these looting tips provided by Vedas, when implemented, lead those conquered to? Well, this is the command of Vedas, it states its blind-follower barbarians to reduce people to poverty, while asks the Hindū soldiers to enjoy the booty- fragrant substances.

O King, our saviour from degradation, lord of wealthdriver of foes to the abyss of poverty, robed in blue and red dress, terrify not these people and cattle, nor make them diseased. Let not us or any one else be sick.”

– [Yajurveda, Ch 16, Verse 47, pg 174 Tr. Devi Chand]

While the poor people who are conquered and brutally killed by these barbarian Hindūs, suffer from poverty the Hindūs are commanded to enjoy the booty- fragrant substances.

“O’ nice, brave soldiers, serve your commander, acquire wisdom and food, win battles, and enjoy fragrant substances.”

– [Yajurveda Ch 9, verse 9, pg. 93 Tr. Devi Chand]

Moreover, Hindūs are commanded to harass these poor people, who are conquered, destroy their means of sustenance, so that those who escaped the barbarism die out of starvation and hunger.

“When he has shut up his foe (in a town), let him sit encamped, harass his kingdom, and continually spoil his grass, food, fuel, and water.Likewise let him destroy the tanks, ramparts, and ditches, and let him assail the (foe unawares) and alarm him at night.”

– [Manu Smriti, Chapter 7, verse 195-196, pg 247]

The Vedas also order the Hindū Kings to ruthlessly destroy kitchens of the enemies’ house so that the surviving enemies (those who escaped Vedic barbarism) and their families may die out of starvation, hunger and Malnutrition.

O King, rise high, punish the wicked foes righteously, manifest the objects prepared by our steady scholars, enhance pleasures.Destroy the kitchens and other places of plundering of the vigorous enemies. Kill the foes. I settle thee with fire’s ardour.”

– [Yajurveda Ch. 13, verse 13, pg. 138 Tr. Devi Chand]

Just compare these barbaric teachings of Vedas to the divine merciful teachings of Islām; we’ve stated the Islāmic stance of the issues relayed above. May we question, how can such people claim their religion to be “Ahinsac”?

Vedas and ‘World domination’:

How many of you have heard the cry of Islāmophobes, “Islām will take over!”“Stop Islām, before it dominates the world!”“Help us stop, Islām!”“Islām will not be a threat, if…” Well such sentences are common nowadays, and more common are the claims that Islām will dominate the world with force, power…etc nonetheless, has anyone ever thought about vedas and what they command to the Hindūs about preaching vedic dharma, about the duties of the King? Well, if no then let us explore these things right from the vedas.So does vedas ask Hindūs to dominate the world, by occupying it and conquering it with force? Does vedas ask Hindūs to spread Vedic dharma with sword? Nope we won’t answer! Let the vedas speak for themselves,

With military weapons let us win the Earthwith them the battlewith cannon let us win the ease-loving army of our foes. War-like weapons destroy the ambitions of the foeman. Armed with the bow may we subdue all regions.

– [Yajurveda, Ch. 29, Verse 39, pg. 293, Tr. Devi Chand]

The verse, speaks for itself! We need not expound on it in detail, simply put the above verse asks Hindūs to subdue all the regions of the world, and win it with force and destructive military weapons. This verse asks Hindūs to dominate the world, and subdue it, still we find these Hindūs claiming to be Ahinsac?

And, so does another verse in the vedas ask Hindūs to conquer and dominate the world with force,

“May food be before us, in the midst among us. May food eaten enhance our noble qualities. Yea, food hath made me rich in brave sons. As lord of food may I conquer all regions.

– [Yajurveda, Ch. 18, Verse 34, pg-197, Tr. Devi Chand]

Nope, Vedas have more to say, they ask the Hindū King to take everything under his control right from animals to every human on earth, everything.

O king, thou art the repository of knowledge like a sage. The learned subjects obey thee in all directions. May riches fit for men be secured by this intelligent devotee. Thou art lustrous like the beams of the sun. May all people on the earth and all beasts of the forest be under thy control.

– [Yajurveda, Ch. 6, verse 6, pg.63, Tr. Devi Chand]

So why do we find, Hindūs criticizing Muslims, for conquering and invade India? When their own vedas asks them to invade every nation, every part on earth, subdue it, conquer it and take everything under control! Coming to the duties of king as legislated by, and what do vedas legislate and sanctify the King for?

“O king, just as the wise and aged persons, in this world, created by the Effulgent God, accept thee, with the force and strength of vital breaths, and attraction and retention of breath, the source of strength; so do I. Just as I cut the throats of the sinners, so shouldst thou. Oking, thou hast the power of imparting virtue and removing vice, remove from us our despisers and foesJust as I sanctify thee, the exponent of justice, for the display of knowledge, thee, the embodiment of truth, for spiritual advancement; thee,the administrator, for rule over the Earth; so should these justice-loving people do. O king thou art a father unto thine subjects, rear them up. O Queen, thou also shouldst behave similarly.”

– [Yajurveda, Ch. 6, verse 1, pg.62, Tr. Devi Chand]

What did our readers read? Yes, Vedas santify the Hindū king to ruler over the world, in short asking him to conquer the entire world, cut the throats of sinners, remove the foes of Hindūs! And these people call themselves Ahinsac! Is there any bigger lie than this? And here again we prove how vedas command Hindūs to subdue other civilizations and religions and rule the world with brute-force.And what more duties do the vedas, have legislated for the Hindū kings? Again let the Vedas speak for it,

O king, thou art our leader; thou putteth upon the path of rectitude, even the leaders of a high order. Know thou this art of government. God the creator will rule over thee. Just as the state officials anoint thee with sweet juices and flower-laden herbs, so should the subjects do.Thy first duty is to undertake the spread of knowledge and the administration of justice. Thy second dutyis to propagate religious truthsThy foremost duty is to strengthen thy rule over the Earth.

– [Yajurveda, Ch. 6, verse 2, pg.62, Tr. Devi Chand]

So we learn, that the foremost duty of a Hindū king is to maintain and strengthen Hindū (Vedic) supremacy and rule over the earth, another very important duty is to propogate so-called religious truths (i.e. Vedic Dharma) And still we find Hindūs (protestant and Orthodox) criticizing Islām, for proselytisation and conquering the world with force (an allegation!), whereas the same things are taught, legalised and prescribed by vedas, so why criticize Islām?Let’s move further and see some how do the vedas ask its followers to preach the vedic dharma, we’ve seen how the vedas asks Hindū kings to uphold the Vedic Supremacy and spread the so-called vedic-truths.So do vedas allow using “sword” for the spread of vedic Dharma? Or is sword used by Hindūs to spread their religion? Or what do a Hindū King have to do to spread his Vedic truth and how? And how is a Hindū King need to spread Vedic dharma? Well, parts of these questions are pretty clear, from the earlier quoted Vedic verses, but let’s focus a bit more on preachng of Vedic dharma and the methods shown by vedas.

Vedic dharma and the sword – An unbreakable relationship:

So why do vedas sanctify Hindū Kings or command Hindū Kings to subdue all regions, conquer all parts of the earth and control every being?Why is this the foremost duty of a Hindū King? Well, so that the same sword used to subdue all the civilizations of earth could be used to spread the Vedic dharma! And this is quite explicit from the following verse.

“O learned person, just as the sun kindled in forefront of Mornings, with forward light, long-active, waxing mighty, with thirty three supernatural powers of nature, the Thunder-wielder, smites dead the cloud, and throws light on the portals, so do thou with the helpof warriors kill the foes, and open the doors of knowledge and religion.”

– [Yajurveda Ch 20, verse 36, pg.221, Tr. Devi Chand]

This is crystal clear! Above Vedic verse commands killing foes and opening the doors of knowledge and religions, meaning that the Vedic dharma is to be spread with sword after conquering the lands, curtailing the army of enemies! And we find protestant Hindūs claiming Islām was spread with sword when their own religion commands to spread their Vedic dharma with sword so what should such a behaviour be labeled as? Hypocrisy! Look how Hindū Kings and soldiers are asked to spread their religion with sword! What more proof will an unbias person need to acknowledge the hypocrisy of Mūlshankar and his cult?

Once a Hindū King is in power or is ruling any tribe/nation/island his foremost duty according to vedas is to “strengthen thy rule over the Earth”, (foremost because this same sword and rule then can be used to force vedic dharma on the conquered people) then he is to look after the administration…etc of the earth and then he is “propagate the religious truth”.So we see that the reason behind subduing the entire earth and controlling it is the “foremost” duty of king so that vedic dharma can easily be forced upon the people!

Now let’s see how vedas are to be preached? Well, again let vedas talk,

For them, who are the protectors of paths and pedestrians, the producers of corn on the earth, who fight with full force, against their enemieswe transport our weapons to places a thousand leagues afar. For them, who with arrows in their hand, and armed with swordpreach the study of the vedas and the use of ships, we send out weapons to places a thousand leagues afar.”

– [Yajurveda, Ch. 16, verses 61-62, pg175-176, Tr. Devi Chand]

This is the way how vedas are preached! Hindūs fight the enemy with full force and transport weapons to thousands of leagues far so as to spread their Vedic dharma.And Hindūs are also commanded, to preach the study of vedas armed with sword and arrows, and using the ships to send out weapons to the Hindū armies killing, looting, usurping lands and forcing Vedic dharma on other civilizations, preaching with swords and hands in arrow inorder to awe-inspire the people so that they may leave their religions and embrace the vedic dharma..The above verse clearly instructs the Hindūs to launch a dharma Yudh against other civilizations and nations; so as to annihilate their enemies and spread the vedas with sword, nothing can be clearer than this.Sword and deadly weapons used for preaching!

No wonder the vedas, praise those who carry swords, quiver sharp weapons and bows!

“Food to the bold, the prudent and the mild. Homage to him who carries sword and quiverHomage to him who hath sharp weapons, and is equipped with brave warriors. Food to him who possesses good weapons and good bows.” – [Yajurveda, Ch. 16, Verse 36, pg. 172. Tr. Devi Chand]

People carrying harmful and deadly weapons are praised by vedas! And now we know why! We think it is crystal clear that vedas instruct Hindū kings, and Hindūs to dominate the world, subdue other civilizations and religions on it and control everything on it, so as to open the door for Vedic dharma and spread it and preach it with sword.

We’ve seen protestant Hindūs spewing venom against Islam alleging that it was spread through swords whereas their own “Holy” books instruct them to do so. So what is such behaviour called? Well this has been apparent throught out the article and we’ve asked this question again and again so that our readers may see the extent of, these Islāmopobes in unethicalness. Well, such behaviour is called “double standards” or “hypocrisy”.

Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) Aptly said

“Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? “

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