Caste System in Hinduism

  Written by Sulaiman Razvi Caste system is one of the evils of Hindu religion that still exists in the society. Caste system is nothing but isolating the low castes from the society. It divides people within the Hindu fold. The condition of low caste people has been miserable. Low castes people suffered the Brahminical […]

Manu Smriti and Untouchables

Written by Sulaiman Razvi Manu Smriti is the most revered Smriti. It is mentioned in Manu Smriti that god framed the laws and first taught it to Manu. This Hindu law book is more like a torture manual for the low castes. The Purusha Sukta is often cited as a proof for caste system. When […]

Mulshankar and Casteism

Caste and Religion With the onset of British rule in India, which was formalised in 1857, the country witnessed the emergence of new religious movements among both Hindus and Muslims. These movements were related to the race for numbers among Hindu and Muslim elites, with political power for each community in the new dispensation linked […]

मातंग चांडालपुत्र से ब्राह्मण बने ?

Written by Neer Mohammed   जब भी हिंदू धर्म में व्याप्त जाति व्यवस्था पर वार्तालाप की जाती है प्राय: जाति परिवर्तन के अनेकों उधारण दिये जाते हैं और ये संदेश दिया जाता है कि जाति बदली जा सकती है। हम अपने इस लेख और आने वालें लेखों में कुछ ऐसे ही उधारणों पर चर्चा करेंगे।

Caste and Racial Discrimination

Written by Ibn Muhammad A study of various religions of the world makes it clear that only the Hindu religion sanctions the worst form of discrimination based on one’s birth. May be some followers of other religions also practice some sort of caste discrimination. However, their religious texts do not approve of the caste discrimination. […]

मनुस्मृति में क्या लिखा है?

डॉ.बाबासाहब अंबेडकर ने मनुस्मृती को दहन क्यो कीया ओर मनुस्मुर्ति में एसा क्या लिखा हुआ था ? अध्याय-१ [१] पुत्री, पत्नी, माता या कन्या, युवा, व्रुद्धा किसी भी स्वरुप में नारी स्वतंत्र नही होनी चाहिए। (मनुस्मुर्तिःअध्याय-९ श्लोक-२ से ६ तक)