Refutation to the Indian Philosophy

REFUTATION TO THE INDIAN PHILOSOPHY… – by Ahmad Ali (A reverted Muslim from Hinduism) [Note: When we are uttering the phrase “Indian Philosophy”, we are not insulting India, rather we are just pointing to the place where the Vedic thought or Vedic Philosophy was invented and influenced mainly. This philosophy can not be expressed perfectly […]

The Theft of The Soma

by Sulaiman Razvi Soma was a drink prepared from plant. The plant was pressed in between stones and the juice was poured out. The word Soma is derived from the root “Su” in Sanskrit which means “To Press.” Soma was very popular in the Vedic period and has now gone extinct or it may be […]

The Disguises of Indra

Written by Teun Goudriaan The motif of the god who walks on earth in a disguised shape is a famous one and we need not enlarge upon it here The European peoples knew it from ancient times onwards That the Greek gods with Zeus in the first place sometimes disguised themselves is a thing familiar […]

Predestination in Hinduism

by Sulaiman Razvi A Short Analysis on Predestination in Hinduism Hinduism has the concept of Karma. Karma is nothing but “you reap what you sow”. Karma doesn’t occur anywhere in the Vedas, it is a later concept of Hinduism. Karma is problematic. It makes one suffer for the evil deeds of past life. There is […]

Is Krishna Almighty God

By Ahmad Ali [A Message to Hindu brothers and sisters] The Vaishnava Sect claims Krishna as Almighty God. But as a non-vedic Monotheist, my comment is – no, Krishna is not the Almighty God. But before presenting my points, let me give two references of two Indian Scholars.

Pollution festivals of Hindus

By Sulaiman Razvi Minorities in India should be glad that they don’t have festivals like that of Hindus otherwise minorities wouldn’t have been able to celebrate festivals as restrictions would’ve been imposed by tolerant Hindus citing air, water and noise pollution. From birth to death, Hindu rituals and festivals are dangerous for environment. The Azaan […]