Ungrateful Hindus


Written by Sulaiman Razvi

UP CM Yogi Adityanath said that Babar, Akbar were intruders; Shivaji, Guru Govind were real heroes, Rajnath Singh asked Why isn’t Maharana Pratap called ‘the Great’ like Akbar, Rajasthan’s BJP government is rewriting history wherein they will now present distorted Saffronized history of Akbar’s defeat at the hands of Rana Pratap in the battle of Haldighati. V.K. Singh wants Akbar road to be renamed after Rana Pratap. As you may know, Akbar was one of the most secular king India ever had, despite that Sanghis cannot digest the greatness of Akbar just because he was a Muslim. Akbar had established a religion called Din I Elahi but later reverted to Islam. Muslims shouldn’t be disheartened with these statements of Hindu leaders rather they should take it as a lesson of Hindus’ ungratefulness. Akbar treated his Hindu subjects so well and in return, Hindus are maligning him now. A Hindu chieftain Shivaji who is now called a Maharaj looted civilians including Hindus, burned their houses, ransacked villages and now he is a national hero with many government places named after him. So it’s clear that Hindu ruler even after looting people in his time is praised now and a Muslim ruler who treated Hindus like his own brothers is demonized only because of the religion they followed. Tipu Sultan and Aurgangzeb gave grants to Hindu temples and now they are depicted as religious bigots who massacred Hindus. Aurangzeb ordered the local officials in Benares to protect the temples and Brahman temple functionaries. Aurangzeb had patronized several temples, Scholars such as Catherine Asher, M Ather Ali and Jalaluddin have pointed to numerous tax-free grants bestowed on Hindu temples, notably those of the Jangam Bari Math at Benares, Balaji’s temple at Chitrakoot, the Someshwar Nath Mahadev temple at Allahabad, the Umanand temple at Gauhati, and numerous others. Umananda, the oldest temple of Bhagwan Bhole Shankar situated on the river Brahmaputra in Guwahati, was not only not harmed during emperor Aurangazeb’s conquest of Assam, but was also conferred vast parcels of land. According to History and Culture of Assam, an anthropological research paper published by Kamrup Anushandhan Samitee and edited by S. C. Goswami, the conqueror conferred the ownership of vast tracts of land on the official pujari of the temple of Umananda known as Doloi (Brahmins) in September 1667. The areas of the grant measures 13 square kilometers today. The official declaration (Sanad) of Mughal’s Emperor was written on a stone plate popularly known as “Shilalipi”. Aurangzeb had also sanctioned annual grant to Maa Kamakhya Mandir- another famous temple situated at a distance of 8 kilometres from Umananda on the hill of Nilachaal, Guwahati. Aurangzeb granted 300 bighas land for temple at Chitrakut in Ramzan. It was the month of Ramzan, 334 years ago, when Mughal emperor Aurangzeb had granted 330 bighas of land for the Balaji Temple at Chitrakut in present day Uttar Pradesh, the official decree was issued and the document is in possession of the present Pujari Ram Naresh. And such person is depicted as epitome of iconoclasm by Sanghis today.

The Maratha army raided and damaged the Shankaracharya’s temple in Sringeri because it was being patronised by Tipu Sultan, their enemy. Later on, Tipu renovated the temple and had the idol reinstalled. Sringeri was not the only holy place which enjoyed the patronage of Tipu. To the Lakshmikantha temple at Kalale in Nanjungud taluk, he gave four silver cups, a silver plate and a silver spittoon. To the Narayanswamy temple at Melkote, he presented gold and silver vessels, besides an elephant and a few jewels. The Srikanteswara temple at Nanjungud was presented with a jewelled cup and some precious stones. To another temple, Nanjundeswara, in the same town of Nanjungud, he gave a greenish linga to Ranganatha temple at Srirangapatana he gifted seven silver cups and a silver camphor burner. Yet Sanghis objects to the celebration of Tipu Jayanti.

The Yadgarpally temple at Bhongir received a grant of Rs. 82,825. Sitarambagh temple got Rs. 50,000, Bhadrachalam temple Rs. 29,999 and Balaji temple in Tirupati Rs. 8,000. No, these are not grants made by the present dispensation but by the erstwhile Nizam’s regime. The Seventh Nizam, Mir Osman Ali Khan, was generous in donations to churches, mosques and Gurudwaras too. Though a strict follower of Islam, he displayed exemplary tolerance towards other faiths. Nizam gave 10 lakh rupees to Banaras Hindu University. While right wingers are busy running fake news that when Madan Mohan Malviya went to the Nizam for grants, the Nizam refused rudely and threw shoe at him which Madan Mohan Malviya took with him and auctioned the shoe to build Banaras Hindu University. Doesn’t it sound like a perfect Bollywood movie script? A popular right wing shared this on their Facebook page which fetched 28K likes. While the fact is that it was Maharaja of Bikaner
who requested the Nizam to donate for the Benaras Hindu University. Without thinking twice the Nizam generously gave a huge amount to the university. This is how they are busy maligning Muslim rulers.

There’s one more fact which may shock you, The Gorakhpur-based Gorakhnath Peeth or Matth, which Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath heads, was granted by a Muslim ruler, Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula of Awadh. Roshan Ali Shah, the great 18th century Sufi of Gorakhpur requested Asaf-ud-daula, the then Nawab of Avadh, to grant land for the Gorakhpur Matth. Whereas Yogi Adityanath wants to install Gaur-Ganesh idol in every mosque, his outfit offers guns to Hindus in Dadri, his men wants to rape dead Muslim women. And it’s not just Yogi Adityanath but even his predecessor was an anti-Muslim, This is how they are repaying for the generosity of Muslims. Hindus deny the fact that land on which Gorakhnath Muth stands today was donated by a Muslim, they claim that the Muth had existed centuries before the Nawab was born. But the donation of land by a Nawab was acknowledged by two head priests of Gorakhnath Muth. As per Indian Express, “In 1994, Mahant Avaidyanath, Adityanath’s predecessor, announced in a public meeting in Gorakhpur, held to felicitate Late Prince Anjum Qadar, a direct descendant of Asif-ud-Daula, that the whole stretch of Gorakh temple land was donated by Anjum Qadar’s ancestors. Digvijay Nath, Avaidyanath’s predecessor, during his dialogue with Swami Karpatri ji maharaj of the Hindu Mahasabha, admitted that the Gorakh Math land was donated by a Muslim Nawab. As for the Taj Mahal, Digvijay Nath had said that it is part of “Bhartiya sanskriti.”” Indian Express had reported this in 2007 as well. The present structure of Hanumangarhi temple stands at a site which was donated by Nawab Abul Mansur Safdarjung, the second nawab of Awadh kingdom (d1754) to a bairagi (hermit). The successors of the bairagi enclosed a much larger area, including an abandoned Qanati masjid. The bairagis ultimately demolished the masjid during the nawabi era itself. When Muslims tried to reclaim the mosque, the Hindus killed hundreds of Muslims. Hindus won’t admit these generosities of Muslim rulers rather they say that Muslims didn’t do a favor by granting lands to Hindus since India is a Hindu country, they mean to say that Hindus are the sole owners of this land and even rulers do not have ownership.

Over 2 million Hindus are working in gulf countries and yet they support Israel because of Israel—Arab conflict as they believe themselves and Jews to be mutual enemies of Muslims. The Hindu population in UAE is expected to increase to 7.7% from 6.6% by 2020 as per PEW research. They live in Muslim countries and badmouths Indian Muslims. Just have a look at what Hindus working in Muslim countries has to say about Indian Muslims, Hindus in Muslim countries. Hindus have a sizeable population in Malaysia and Indonesia which were once Hindu countries and Hindu-Muslim conflict has rarely occurred there. Indonesia has 82% Muslims and yet it has Hindu god Ganesh’s picture on their currency, they have idol of Krishna at Jakarta main square, the national emblem of Indonesia is Garuda Pancasila which is inspired by Hindu god Garuda, official logo of Bali represents three Hindu gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, Indonesia issued stamps with Ramayana theme while in India a Hindu politician attending Iftar parties or wearing skull cap is considered ‘Minority appeasement”. Hindus doesn’t take this as an example of Muslims’ generosity rather they take it as the greatness of Hinduism which makes other bow down before them. BJP MP Tejasvi Surya had Tweeted in 2015, “A Temple in Abu Dabhi. Next in Saudi? 🙂 #HinduAwakening # Modi” Construction of a Hindu temple in Arab country Abu Dhabi was viewed as victory of Hindus rather than appreciating inclusiveness of the country but if Muslims has so many mosques in India then they take it as an example of Hindu community’s large heartedness as if they have done a big favour to Muslims in secular India.

Yet Hindutvadis shamelessly say Muslims are obsessed with minority rights when they are minority and where they (Muslims) are majority there is no minority right, while Hindus themselves treats minorities (Dalits included) like animals in India. The online survey, conducted in September 2020 by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Johns Hopkins University, and the University of Pennsylvania states that Hindus were liberal in the US while conservative back in India, so the truth is that its actually Hindus who are obsessed with minority rights when in minority but supports extremism when in majority.

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad were India’s first education minister and were also freedom fighter who always stood for Hindu-Muslim unity and strived for a United India. In 1923, as the youngest Congress president, he said, “If an angel descends from heaven and offers me Swaraj in 24 hours on condition that I give up Hindu Muslim Unity, I will refuse. Swaraj we will get sooner or later; its delay will be a loss for India, but loss of Hindu Muslim unity will be a loss for human kind”. But even Maulana Azad is not spared by Hindutvadis. Ex-IPS officer and ex-CBI chief M. Nageshwar Rao had accused Maulana Abul Kalam Azad of whitewashing “Islamic History” and vilifying Hinduism and shaming Hindus about their identity. In a Tweet, Rao had also accused Maulana Azad of opposing partition with an ulterior motive. Ex-IAS officer Sanjay Dixit also expressed similar views on Maulana Azad in a Tweet, he called Maulana Azad an “Islamist”. Veteran BJP leader Subramanian Swamy shared an article in his Twitter account in which the author accuses Maulana Azad of endorsing “Global Islamism” and “radicalizing Muslim youths”. BJP leader Anand Swarup Shukla said that Maulana Azad did not believe in Bharat or “Bhartiyata”.

Approximately 70 years have elapsed since India got its independence and Hindutvadis have started badmouthing Maulana Azad, next in line would be former President of India A.P.J Abdul Kalam. Hindu terrorist Swami Yati Narasinghanand Saraswati said that, “Any Muslim in the top echelons of the country cannot be pro-India and Kalam was a jihadi…” Levelling allegations without substance, he accused late Kalam of supplying the formula of the “atom bomb to Pakistan as DRDO chief”.

Muslims were blamed for spreading Coronavirus, boycotted, became target of fake news and attacked, arrested only to languish in jail for months during the first Covid-19 wave, despite that Muslims turned Mosques into Covid-19 centres in order to provide medical health to Coronavirus patients irrespective of caste, color or religion, donated plasma for Covid-19 patients, Muslims cremated Hindus who died of Coronavirus and their bodies were rejected by their Hindu family members due to the fear of getting infected with Coronavirus, in Vadodara alone Muslims cremated thousands of Hindus, BJP leader Vijay Shah had made objection to cremation by Muslims instead of being thankful, hundreds of Hindus were cremated in Kota city. But Hindus repaid this generosity of Muslims by spreading a tirade of fake news targeting Muslims, no Hindu media ever apologized to Muslims for running venomous propaganda against Muslims. BJP leader Tejasvi Surya communalized bed scam in Bengaluru due to which 17 Muslims working in the BBMP Covid 19 war room were suspended though they were later reinstated after allegations against them were proven to be false. There are 205 employees working in the BBMP south zone war room but Tejasvi Surya read out names of only 17 Muslim employees, 3 BJP leaders had accompanied Tejasvi Surya along with his uncle Ravi Subramanya who asked the in-charge officer “Is it a madrassa or a war room.”

Hindutvadis are like snakes, no matter how much you feed them at the end they will bite you, even a dog will be loyal to you if you feed him but not Hindutvadis. So Muslims must learn from the past. No matter how good you treat these people, they will definitely malign you because it is their nature.

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