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Rebuttal: Islam’s test of secularism


Written by Steve
[Article is edited by Islam4Peace and admin of VedKaBhed.Com]

Agniveer’s copy-pasted assail on Islam continues, but this time he has come up with something different.  But as usual, he has got nothing from the Noble Quran to support his claims, all this is his self-analysis. A so-called “Test of secularism”, looks nice & cool, without devastating any more time. Let’s see what he has got now……..


We live in a secular country. And indeed secularism is one of the most noble concepts of humanity – that no policy, system, process or mindset shall be influenced by any cult or notions about religion. The entire concept of secularism is based on the precept of  ‘communal harmony’.  Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was a great supporter of ‘communal harmony’. He popularized the bhajan ‘Ishwar Allah Tero Naam’ which means that Ishwar and Allah are same. The communally harmonious and secular people of his era used to sing this melodious song in all temples and the trend continues till today. I still recall how we grew up singing this song in school and all public gatherings.

Forces like VHP, RSS and Arya Samaj are often alleged to be fanatic, rightist and hell-bent on destroying ‘communal harmony’. The intelligentsia of the country and world is thoroughly worried with growth of these fundamentalist forces in recent times and how it is disrupting peace and harmony in the sub-continent. Whenever there is a terrorist attack, these fundamentalist forces would term it as Islamic terror and then the secular media has to spend lots of efforts and energies to explain that terrorism has no religion. It has to come up with videos and films of nice Muslims and bad Hindus to compensate for the wrong notions regarding Muslims. It has to blow out of proportion cases like petty bomb-blasts in Malegaon where cow-slaughter is a rampant practice. And then the entire state machinery gears up to catch hold of some rightist forces allegedly behind these attacks.

Its a different matter that some of the larger terrorist attacks are not big enough to awaken the same machinery of state and we keep waiting for Afzal’s sentence for ages. The summary notion that the intellectuals of this country (India) in particular have is that Hindus have become very fundamentalist. They tend to blame all Muslims and specially the clergy for all the terrorism that is happening internationally. It is just a matter of coincidence and conspiracy of western media that most terrorists, terrorist groups or Somalian pirates who come in limelight happen to be Muslim. But the reality is that Hindu terrorism is even more dangerous. And hence curbing this should be number one priority.

We shall evaluate the Hindu and Islamic terrorism and their cause in some of the later posts. But for now, let us propose a very practical solution for all Hindus and Muslims to enhance communal harmony and promote secularism. I am inspired by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi to offer this solution. Those who abide by this solution are true secularists and those who refuse to accept it are the real fundamentalists. Because all I offer is an extension of the Gandhian Ishwar Allah Tero Naam.


Agniveer wants the media to show cow slaughtering in between the bomb blasts. I think he has not read the articles regarding cow on our website. To enlighten him more I am giving him the links Meat Consumption in Hinduism and Beef eating in Vedas and Other Hindu Texts

The major difference is that Muslims did not elect Osama Bin Laden, Hafiz Saeed, or any other as their MP or MLA but Hindus elected Hindu Terrorist Sadhvi Pragya with over 800K (8 lakh) votes. The Malegaon blast explosions took place in a Muslim cemetery, adjacent to a mosque, at around 13:15 local time after Friday prayers on the Shab e Bara’at holy day. Agniveer calls them as petty blasts in which more than 37 were dead and more than 125 were injured. See his foolish & cheap tactics, if a blast is done on Muslims he considers it as petty & minor. Inbetween he turns his love for the ” Sacred Cow”, to him which is more important than these blasts. Muslims condemn terrorism whereas Hindus take out rallies in support of Hindu terrorists 1, 2. Muslims would outright reject ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram and consider these to be terrorists but would Hindus condemn Hindu terrorist organizations? If terrorism has a religion then surely it is Hinduism because no community on earth takes out rallies in support of terrorists and elects them to the Parliament.

It doesn’t behoove people like Agniveer to talk about Secularism because these kind of people are the ones disrupting communal harmony in India in an attempt to fulfill their dream of establishing a Hindu Rashtra. They should tell everyone honestly if they were given a chance whether to make India a Hindu Rastra or sustain its secularism then surely such fanatics will go for establishing a Hindu Rashtra. So it doesn’t behoove them to talk about secularism.

Hindus are very comfortable using words like Islamic terror or Muslim terror but goes mad when someone mentions Saffron terror. Like the Hindu BJP leader Rajnath Singh who said Terrorism has no religion when he was asked about Hindu terrorism.

If the entire Muslim community is to be regarded as a terrorist community because most terror groups in Arab happens to be Muslim then should the Hindu community be regarded as Rapist and terrorist as most terrorist and rapist in India are from the Hindu community? As you may have read the article List of true devotees of Hindu deities which shows the ugly face of Hindu scholars. Data on terrorism in India shows that most terrorist are Hindus not Muslims,

No will Agniveer consider the entire Hindu community to be terrorists and rapists just like he blamed Muslims for terrorism? of course not! Because we shouldn’t expect a hypocrite to accept facts that don’t favor him.

He doesn’t talks about this.

In 2006, 2,300,000  cows were slaughtered to supply America’s fast food restaurants and school lunch programs.

In 2007, 143,000 additional cows were slaughtered, all he is concerned to is cow slaughter by Muslims,  which shows how desperate Islamophobe he is.


Agniveer :

So here is the solution cum test of secularism:

  1. Let all temples recite verses of Quran on loudspeaker every day after prayers and let all mosques recite verses from Geeta and Vedas.
  2. Let all temples and mosques announce through loudspeakers and write on their walls that ‘ Ishwar and Allah are same, Ram and Rahim are same, Geeta and Quran are same, Kashi and Kaba are same’
  3. Let there be Yajna/ Havan in mosques and Namaz in temples at same time.

To start the process, let the leading temples and mosques come out for this initiative. Agniveer has already discussed this with leading temples of India to do the same. Let now the Muslims come up with list of mosques like Jama Masjid who agree to this.



Before showing this inter-faith love, Agniveer should agree to worship idols and support the installation of idols of Hindu gods in Arya Samaj temples, and then we can talk about reciting Gita and Veda in mosques.  All the Arya Samajis should agree to worship Hindu idols installed in their temples and interpret the Vedas in accordance with the Puranik version. If that is not sufficient to prove brotherhood then Muslims should be allowed by Hindus to celebrate Eid ul Azha in temples by slaughtering cow as Islam permits the slaughter of cows as a sacrifice in Eid ul Azha. Mosques are not built for Yajna nor the temples to perform Namaz. In fact the Namaz is performed where there are no Idols.

But before this Bhaichara begins, I would like Hindus to allow Dalits and non-Hindus into temples where Dalits and non-Hindus are not allowed to enter after all we live in a secular country, so why should a secular country allow such communal laws of temples?

Why there is a need to write these things on walls, in fact, most of these are different, like the Quran is not Gita.

Why Agniveer is taking the authority of Indian temples, who is he & to which post he belongs. Please tell us to which leading temples you have discussed with, are Akshardham temple, Badrinath & Tirupati temple included. For this noble process to start we ask Agniveer to first tell the temples to whom he has discussed (in his dreams)  with to recite the Quranic verses & perform Namaaz. We will contact the media & reassert from them whether this kind of activity is really taking place or not. Agniveer is just mocking himself on the cyber world, claiming that he has discussed this with leading temples, please give me the list of the temples. And we also request Agniveer to protest for temples like Tirupati and others (which were once Buddhist shrines) to be given to Buddhists. Before Agniveer spreads his ‘overwhelming love’ he should convince all Arya Samaji scholars to remove all those pages from Satyarth Prakash that spreads hate against other religions and Hindu sects, after all why should the ‘peace lover’ like Agniveer should follow such a hate book like Satyarth Prakash.




Agniveer is ready to put ‘ Ishwar and Allah are same, Ram and Rahim are same, Geeta and Quran are same, Kashi and Kaba are same’ prominently on its website on front page. Let IRF also do the same.

Agniveer is ready to come on stage and bring prominent Hindu leaders who would announce this on stage. Let Zakir Naik, Imam Bukhari and other Islamic scholars also announce this on stage.

Agniveer is ready to pronounce and also have other Hindu scholars pronounce that: “Hindu or non-Hindu, all good people will achieve Swarg/ Heaven”. Let Zakir Naik, Imam Bukhari, Deobandis and other Islamic scholars also proclaim that “Muslim or non-Muslim, all good people will achieve Paradise or Zannat.”


We too have our own conditions. Agniveer should put up an article supporting cow slaughter and proclaiming that one can reject the Vedas and still attain Swarga/heaven.

“Agniveer is ready to come on stage and bring prominent Hindu leaders who would announce this on stage”

Before bringing prominent Hindu leaders, he should first convince dozens of Hindu leaders who are indulged in hate speeches and violence against minorities to calm down, the list is so long, Praveen Togadia, Yogi Adityanath, Sakshi Maharaj, Surendra Jain, Pramod Muthalik, Sadhvi Prachi, Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti, Sangeet Som, Amit Shah and so on. Will Agniveer convince all these hate-mongers to stop spewing hate against minorities?

Of course, God is truly one, you can call him by various names which are most gracious. Whereas it is stupidity to say Kashi & Kaba are the same, to refresh Agniveer’s geography, let me remind him they are different places in different regions. People visit them with different ideas. If you say they are the same, it will not make any difference, as you are nothing. Are you a renowned scholar of Islam, Hinduism & comparative religion. Has anyone seen agniveer giving lectures in various places of India or has anyone read his various books?

Agniveer should contact IRF instead of shouting on the internet.

Again please enlighten us who are those PROMINENT HINDU LEADERS, you will bring? As for now, I am saying this on www.VedKaBhed.Com , Ishwar & Allah are same, as their is only one God & we call him with various names.


Of course, Allah is most gracious

“Muslim or non-Muslim, all good people will achieve Paradise or Zannat.” if they worship & believe in one true God  (not those idols who has 4 hands, 4 heads and some has a tail & trunk). and perform good deeds. May be Allah will be happy with their acts. as Allah is most Gracious & Merciful.

There is no need for such extra love, Agniveer should proclaim that Allah is the only god. He should also profess that Vishnu, Indra, Agni, Mitra, Varuna… mentioned in Vedas are all separate deities and should worship their idols. Agniveer is making blasphemy, he writes, ‘Agniveer is ready to pronounce and also have other Hindu scholars pronounce that: “Hindu or non-Hindu, all good people” How can there be ‘Good’ Non-Hindus? as only Brahmins, Kshatriya and Vaishya are Aryas (noble men) while Shudra is Anarya and the rest are Mlecchas and Rakshasa according to Vedas. He is defying his Vedas and he is liable to be punished as per Hindu text, or maybe Agniveer is been Mayavi (Vedic fraud) to deceive.



Let us now see who really wants communal harmony. Any organization that refuses to agree to above should be banned for being fundamentalist in interest of communal harmony.


Yes, it has a point. Arya Samajis should proclaim that all religions (including Arya Samaj) are equal and that all religions lead the same path. Agniver should ask this to the right wing Hindu terrorist organizations like VHP, RSS, BAJRANG DAL & BJP. Let’s see will they get banned or not, at least they are not banned doing this.

The VHP and the Bajrang Dal manufactured and distributed lethal weapons across the state, often with the connivance of the police. ( source )

I have evidence of RSS and VHP making bombs: Digvijay Singh

Courtesy: Tehelka, Monday, 18 August 2008:

Senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh attacks the BJP just like Sushma Swaraj attacked the Congress. ‘Investigate the timings of the blasts’, he tells “You have made a statement that serial blasts take place in the country only when the BJP is in trouble.”

What I have said is that the timing of the bomb blasts is quite uncanny. Why does it always happen when the BJP is in trouble? That needs investigation. I am not charging anyone.

What do you mean when you say the BJP is in trouble. When the TEHELKA issue was to be discussed in Parliament, the House was adjourned for three days. Then when the expose was to be discussed, the Parliament attack took place. When the Godhra incident took place, Congress was doing exceedingly well in the local body elections and Narendra Modi had won by only 6,000 votes as a chief minister and that too with great difficulty. During the recent Karnataka election, there was a bomb blast in Hubli on the very first day of polling. Similarly, two days before the polling in the second phase in Karnataka elections, there was a bomb blast in Jaipur. It really needs an investigation.

Is your statement a response to Sushma Swaraj’s accusation against the Centre?

No, there is no question of that. I have been citing these instances about the blasts for a long time.

But Sushma Swaraj was criticised by the Congress … Sushma Swaraj alleged that the Congress is involved directly. I have not said that. And does she have any facts?

I have facts of RSS, VHP making bombs.

Do you have evidences to prove that BJP, VHP and RSS is involved in making bombs.

Yes. In fact, in 1992 there was a bomb blast in the VHP office in Madhya Pradesh, where one VHP member died and two were injured while making bombs. Then in 2002, there was a bomb blast in a temple in Mhow. When the police arrested the VHP activists after investigation, they confessed that they were even given training to manufacture bombs. I have a videocassette of that confession. Again, in 2006, in Nanded, there was a bomb blast in the house of a RSS activist where two RSS activists died. After that in March 2008, there were bomb blasts at two places in Tamil Nadu. Then too VHP activists were arrested by the Tamil Nadu police who confessed that they were involved. And how did the Gujarat police suddenly find eighteen bombs planted on trees in Surat?

So are you saying that the BJP is behind the recent serial blasts?

No, I am not saying anything. All that I am saying is that the timing is uncanny. RSS, VHP activists have been caught making bombs, material for preparing bombs have been found at their office and there are three-four clear cases where they have been arrested and a case has been registered. Why isn’t anyone looking into this?.

Shouldn’t all parties unite against terrorism?

Absolutely, but when you target only Muslims, it’s not correct.

Then why is the blame-game still on?

It is on because we have evidence to say that people who talk about nationalism and nationalist feelings should not be involved in making bombs. The BJP believes in divisive politics. They cannot survive without dividing Hindus and Muslims. Each time something happens, they come back to Hindutva.

I have evidence of RSS and VHP making bombs: Digvijay Singh

Atleast Agniveer focus on these terrorist organisations ,rather than being  Islamophobe



This is the real test of secularism. If indeed Zakir Naik can proclaim the above statements on stage and put on his website, Agniveer shall also do the same on his website and remove all articles against Zakir Naik immediately.


Why Zakir needs to do all this, why are you feeling so insecure from him? Are you afraid or want to come just ones in the eyes of Zakir for fame. When will Arya Samajis stop bashing Islam on the pretext of answering someone? Agniveer’s website has articles against Islam not against Dr. Zakir Naik, and he shamelessly wrote this article for testing others’ secularism.



But yes, if Zakir Naik, Bukhari and other representatives of Islam refuse to agree to above and Hindus continue to sing ‘Ishwar Allah Tero Naam’, then there would be no community more foolish than Hindus. Because one who continues to offer milk to a cobra and willingly puts it over his head, believing it to be a spiritual Shesh Naag, deserves to be destroyed. Let Zakir Naik and Bukhari prove that they are indeed Shesh Naag and not ‘Aasteen ka Saanp’ through their actions.


Agniveer has now shown his Arya Samaji nature, he writes ‘Because one who continues to offer milk to a cobra and willingly puts it over his head‘ Arya Samajis consider non Hindus to be Demons and Barbarians and Agniveer has added one more synonym to non Hindus which is cobra. What else can be expected from an Arya Samaji, the organisation which was founded on fundamentalism and thought of extremism? And it is also the standard of Arya Samajis to use such kind of language because when Dayanand the founder of Arya Samaj can use words like idiot, stupid, rascal, etc then why can’t his followers do the same?



And till these Muslim representatives refuse to pass the above test of secularism, so-called intellectuals have no business to term any Hindu organization or force as fundamentalist or extremist.

Mohandas could convince only the Hindus to sing “Ishwar Allah Tero Naam” in temples and they continue to sing till today. Let this glorious song now reverberate in mosques and IRF shows and bring true communal harmony in country and world.


Let Arya Samaj tear all those pages from Vedas and Satyarth Prakash that promote extremism and intolerance against other religions and then he should give this lecture about Secularism. As per Agniveer, Hindu terrorist Organisations cannot be coined extremists regardless of their terrorist activities & bombing religious places untill Muslim Representatives pass the childish test organized by agniveer who is the most prominent scholar of copy-pasting in comparative religion. He delivers 100000 talks/ month around the world.

He is too desperate, jealous & insecure from IRF, maybe because of their success, that he is allowing Hindu terrorist organisations to bombard innocent muslims & than also they should  not be called as extremists till we fulfill Agniveer’s imaginative fancy dreams.

109:1. Say, “O disbelievers,
109:2. I do not worship what you worship.
109:3. Nor are you worshippers of what I worship.
109:4. Nor will I be a worshipper of what you worship.
109:5. Nor will you be worshippers of what I worship.
109:6. For you is your religion, and for me is my religion.”

Ibn Kathir in his tafsir mentions that the Quraish sought a sort of compromise with the Messenger of Allah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) and proposed that he should prostrate himself before their gods in return for their prostration to his God, and that he should cease denouncing their gods and their manner of worship in reciprocation for whatever he demanded of them.
Secularism doesn’t mean interchanging the places of worship or following other religions practices. Those are just show offs with no sense. Its like me asking Agniveer to eat MEAT as a test of true secularism.

Instead of bringing up hypothetical situations which are impossible, why not take the initiative by urself and show the way to communal harmony..? I will recommend you do the following:
a) Delete all comments in your articles where Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) , Allah, Sahaba (ra) are abused.
b) Drop all stupid anti – Islamic articles from your site.


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