Scientific Errors In Hinduism

SCIENTIFIC ERRORS IN HINDUISM Written by Sulaiman Razvi The Hindus claim that they were so scientifically advanced that everything was made by them. Later on the knowledge was either destroyed by Muhgals or the white people copied their ideas. As soon as something is discovered they claim that it was already mentioned in Hindu scriptures. […]

Scientific Errors in Vedas Part I

Written by Sulaiman Razvi Read new article Scientific Errors in Hinduism Hindus have become very enthusiastic in finding science in their holy books after they learnt that other religious texts have scientific facts. They are reinterpreting it, they are not aware of the fact that the writers of the Vedas were ignorant of science, as […]

Response to Science in Vedas

Written by Sulaiman Razvi Read New Article Scientific Errors In Hinduism For More Scientific Errors Vedas contain many scientific errors. Make sure you read the articles Scientific Errors in Vedas Part I to know about the scientific errors mentioned in Vedas. In this article I will try to refute the so called scientific claim made […]