Polygamy in Hindu Dharma

Written by Sulaiman Razvi Having more than one spouse (especially wife) is known as Polygamy. The Hindu Marriage Act 1955 prohibits Polygamy for Hindus but Hindu scriptures allows polygamy and it’s still in practice among some Hindus. Not a single verse of any Hindu text says that ‘You should marry only one’ and yet Hindus […]

On Vedic Deities

Written by Ibn Muhammad Every Sookt (hymn) of the Vedas has a distinct Devata (deity) and a Rishi (poet). The Devata of a Sookt is one whose praises have been sung in that Sookt. For example, the Rishi of the first ten hymns of Rigveda is Madhuchanda Vishvamitra and the Devata of the first hymn […]

Polygamy in Hinduism

Written by Ibn Muhammad   Swami Dayanand Saraswati writes in his books Satyarth Prakash, Chapter 4 and Rigvedadi Bhashya Bhoomika, Chapter ‘on Marriage’, “One man should have only one wife and one woman only one husband. That is to say, the marriage of one man with many women and of one woman with many men is prohibited.”