Lying in Hinduism

By Sulaiman Razvi Hindu god allows lying on five occasions especially while enjoying a woman, Brahma Vaivarta Purana, Krishna Janma Khanda 98.38-44 ”…Hari began to laugh and thus addressed Uddhava, using words of good import and worlds sanctioned by the Vedas, ”O Uddhava, untruth spoken to women or on the sporting ground, or in an […]

Hindu Scriptures Battle of Supremacy

I am reproducing some excerpts written by a Hindu scholar named Swami B.V. Giri. Who has proved Puranas and Itihas as part of the Vedas which is contrary to what Arya Samajis are promoting on the internet. He considers Puranas and Itihas to be the fifth Vedas, he has put forth this arguement on the […]

What is Hinduism?

Written by Ibn Muhammad What, in the first place, has Hinduism to say about God and His attributes, and what kind of worship does it teach mankind? At the very threshold, we are met with the formidable difficulty that Hinduism is not one religion but many religions jumbled together under a single name. It is […]