What is Hinduism?

Written by Ibn Muhammad What, in the first place, has Hinduism to say about God and His attributes, and what kind of worship does it teach mankind? At the very threshold, we are met with the formidable difficulty that Hinduism is not one religion but many religions jumbled together under a single name. It is […]

On Vedic Deities

Written by Ibn Muhammad Every Sookt (hymn) of the Vedas has a distinct Devata (deity) and a Rishi (poet). The Devata of a Sookt is one whose praises have been sung in that Sookt. For example, the Rishi of the first ten hymns of Rigveda is Madhuchanda Vishvamitra and the Devata of the first hymn […]

Concept of God in Arya Samaj (Protestant Hinduism) Part 2

Written by Abd Al Muhsin Al Hindy The proponents (blind-follower’s) of protestant Hinduism stress that their cult (and Vedic Hinduism) is strictly monotheistic and has nothing to do with dualism, polytheism, pantheism, monistic or any other conception of God but monotheism. Whereas the orthodox Hindus maintain the opposite, that Vedic Dharma (Vedic Religion) is not […]