Meat Consumption in Hinduism

Written by Sulaiman Razvi Meat especially that of cow is the centre of controversy in India. People are lynched and raped on rumours of beef consumption but such mentality didn’t exist in Vedic period, people in the Vedic period relished beef and meat of other animals. There are clear references in Vedas about meat consumption, […]

Hindu Scriptures Battle of Supremacy

I am reproducing some excerpts written by a Hindu scholar named Swami B.V. Giri. Who has proved Puranas and Itihas as part of the Vedas which is contrary to what Arya Samajis are promoting on the internet. He considers Puranas and Itihas to be the fifth Vedas, he has put forth this arguement on the […]

Mulshankar and Casteism

Caste and Religion With the onset of British rule in India, which was formalised in 1857, the country witnessed the emergence of new religious movements among both Hindus and Muslims. These movements were related to the race for numbers among Hindu and Muslim elites, with political power for each community in the new dispensation linked […]