Response to Science in Vedas

Written by Sulaiman Razvi Read New Article Scientific Errors In Hinduism For More Scientific Errors Vedas contain many scientific errors. Make sure you read the articles Scientific Errors in Vedas Part I to know about the scientific errors mentioned in Vedas. In this article I will try to refute the so called scientific claim made […]

The Fake Translation Saga

Written by Sulaiman Razvi When you show something from Hindu scriptures to Hindus that doesn’t favour them, They will quickly term the verse you posted as ‘Fake translation’, and the irony is that the Hindu will accuse you of using fake translation without even verifying what you posted. He will directly come to the conclusion […]

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam: The world is one family

Written by Sulaiman Razvi Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam is translated as The world is one family. This is quite popular among Hindus. This is used to show that Hinduism believes in universal brotherhood. Hindus who proclaim Vasudhaiva Kumtumbakam can be classified into two groups. One who proclaims Vasudhaiva Kumtumbaka and really practices it, He/She doesn’t discriminate people […]