Hindus spying for Pakistan


By Sulaiman Razvi

Indian Muslims are always questioned about their patriotism even when Indian Muslims sacrificed their lives for India. But Sanghis turns a blind eye all those Hindus arrested for spying for Pakistan. Hope they will storm the streets to condemn Hindu arrested for anti national activities just as they ask Muslims to protest against terrorism 24/7. Recently, 11 Hindus were arrested for spying for Pakistan, one among them was a BJP worker, however this is not the only case where Hindus have been arrested for betraying “Bharat Mata” there have been numerous cases of Hindus leaking sensitive information to Pakistan and other countries and betraying the homeland.

Indian Hindu army officer Naik Subedar Patak Kumar Poddar leaks information to Pakistan,


Arrested Indian Ishwar Chandra Behera accused of passing secrets to Pakistan’s ISI


ISI spying: Ex-IAF personnel KK Ranjit sent to 4-day police custody


Ranabijay Singh a suspected ISI agent arrested from India-Nepal border by anti corruption bureau officers

Bodhraj arrested for spying


‘Hindu’ Pakistani spy Nandlal Maharaj arrested in Rajasthan; confesses smuggling RDX into India

11 Hindus arrested for spying for Pakistan one among them is a BJP worker,

Gulshan Sen, Rahul Rastogi, Shivendra Mishra, Harshit Gupta, Vishal Kakkad, Rahul Singh, Vinit Dikshit, Rishi Hora, Shyam Babu, Uttam Shukla and Vikas Verma were arrested from the three districts

Rajasthan ATS arrests ex-Army man Patwari Gordhan Singh for ‘leaking confidential information about Indian Army’ to Pakistan’s ISI

Army jawan Anil Kumar Dubey jailed for leaking sensitive info to Pak

Army clerk Lovedeep Singh spying for Pakistan intelligence agency ISI arrested in Punjab

Colonel Deepak Raina dismissed for leaking information to Pakistan intelligence

Air Force employee Sunil Kumar held for ‘spying’
An IAF employee based at Pathankot in Punjab was arrested on charge of passing on strategic information about the air force station to a Pakistani woman, police said on Sunday.

Deserter IAF Wing Commander arrested for ‘spying’ near Indo-Pak border
The Border Security Force (BSF) on Monday arrested Indian Air Force Wing Commander Shashank Shekhar on suspicion of espionage near Indo-Pak border in Rajasthan’s Anoopgarh.



Army man Suneet Kumar held for ‘spying’ for Pak

Indian diplomat Madhuri Gupta arrested for spying.

Behind India’s Bust of a Pakistan Spy


Following cases are of Hindu officials arrested for leaking information to different countries other than Pakistan

List of Indian officials and spying cases

Sukhjinder Singh, now being probed for his alleged liaison with a Russian woman between 2005 and 2007

Manmohan Sharma, a senior Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) officer, was alleged to be in a romantic affair with his Chinese language teacher. Indian authorities suspected the woman could be an informant of the Chinese government and gathered information about India’s moves and counter-moves on the border talks.

In October 2007, a 1975 batch Research and Analysis Service (RAS) officer Ravi Nair was called back from Hong Kong for his ‘friendship’ with a girl believed to be working for a Chinese spy agency.

The most infamous case which shook RAW out of reverie was that of Rabinder Singh who became a mole of American intelligence agency CIA and flew to the US despite being under RAW surveillance.

Ashok Sathe, another official was also believed to have defected to the US after his mysterious disappearance. Sathe was said to be behind burning down of RAW office in Khurramshahr in Iran.

However, in the history of Indian intelligence, the most written about case was that of K V Unnikrishnan, a RAW officer dealing with the LTTE. He had developed a relationship with an air hostess believed to be an intelligence scion. He was arrested just ahead of a peace accord signed between India and Sri Lanka.



CRPF officer Sanjay Kumar Yadav arrested in Bihar for leaking information to Naxals

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