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Innocent Muslims spending years in prison on false terror charges


article compiled by Sulaiman Razvi

“In India, you are more likely to be lodged in prison if you are a Muslim, or belong to the Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST) and Other Backward Communities (OBC), reveal statistics from the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB)”

“While Muslims constitute around 30 percent of all prisoners, in the ‘pre-trial phase’, the number of convicted Muslim prisoners stand at only 16.4 per cent.”

“Former chief justice of Delhi high court Rajinder Sachar, who headed the committee that brought out a report on the condition of Muslim community in India in 2006, pointed out that there had been several cases of Muslim youths being acquitted after years in prison.”


‘Framed As A Terrorist’: Horror Stories Of Innocent Muslims Caught In False Cases


Rats In Pants, Made To Drink Urine, Called A Terrorist: The Shocking Abuse Of Rafiq Shah In Police Custody

Falsely accused in Delhi blast case, Fazili forced to eat shit, drink urine for 12 years in jail

Nine Muslims discharged after 10 years of imprisonment.
Noorul Huda, Raees Ahmed, Salman Farsi, Farogh Magdumi, Shaikh Mohammed Ali, Asif Khan, Mohammed Zahid and Abrar Ahmed, Shabbir Ahmed died in accident last year.


I was a Maulana from Bhatkal. That is enough to be arrested. Shabbir Gangawali lost 9 years to false terror charges


‘Cops need only a Muslim name to fabricate a case’
says Irshad Ahmed Malik who spent 11 years to prove his innocence, he said
“They convinced me that I was working for the country. Later, they wanted me to go to Pakistan on a secret mission. They also asked me to work in Muslim-dominated areas and instigate youths to participate in jihad,” Irshad said. When he refused to follow orders, Irshad was arrested. He fought a legal battle for 11 years to prove his innocence.”
Rashid Hussain, who was an accused in the Jaipur blast in 2008, said IB had a role in every blast that occurred in the country. “I was involved in helping blast victims and had interacted with 250 of them in a month after the blast. I was detained illegally for several days. The only evidence against me was the email I sent to Yahya Kammukutty, who was later let off by the court in the Hubballi terror conspiracy,” he said.
Yahya Kammukutty, Syed Imran (who was acquitted in the Mecca masjid blast case), Nisar (who was let of in the Panayikulam SIMI case), Shahul Hameed (Thiruvananthapuram resident who was accused of propagating communal content through Facebook), Hanif Pakitwala (who was let of in the tiffin box bomb case in Ahmedabad) and Abrar Ahmed (who was forced to become an approver in the Mecca Masjid blast case) narrated their experiences.



Abdul Wahid Shaikh spent 9 years in prison on false terror charges, pens a book about his experiences, to serve as a guide for anyone who gets falsely implicated in a terrorist attack.
“I have been made to suffer all three degrees of torture that the police use to force false confessions out of people,” said Shaikh, speaking to during recess hour at the school where he teaches.
First, he says, the police use verbal abuse, threats and the stripping of clothes as an interrogation technique. “Second degree is when they beat you with belts, force you into hunger or solitary confinement, tie you up and force you to stand for days,” said Shaikh. Third degree involves extreme physical torture including waterboarding, using electric shocks or chemicals on private parts, or forcing the prisoner’s legs into 180-degree splits.
“They also make rape threats towards the wives and sisters of the accused, or molest female relatives in front of you,” said Shaikh, who claims that one of his co-accused was forced to watch police officers molest his sister-in-law. “Through these means, the police managed to get false confessional statements from everyone.”
Shaikh was the only accused at the time who did not end up signing a confessional statement, which he claims was a deliberate “strategy” on the part of the police’s anti-terrorism squad to prove in court that no torture had been involved in the interrogations. However, in the jail cells of various prisons in Maharashtra, Shaikh continued to face intermittent bouts of mental and physical torture till 2008. “At one point they fractured my arm and left me without medication for 15 days,” he said.”


Muslim man Nisaruddin Ahmad spends 23 years in jail on false terror charges.

2005 Hyderabad suicide blasts: Ten Muslims declared innocent after 12 years in jail, but is that a surprise?

‘Proud to be Indian’ – says terror suspect Shabbir Bhatkal cleared by court after 8 years

“Slapped with untenable terror charges, many Muslim men have lost the prime years of their lives as they languished in jail. After their release they have found it difficult to adjust to a world that has changed in the interim, graduating from buses to metros, banks to ATMs, landlines to smartphones.

Recently, Nisaruddin Ahmad was acquitted in the Babri anniversary blast case after he spent 23 years in a Jaipur jail. There have been others too. Mohd Amir Khan was acquitted in 17 out of the 19 terrors charges he was fending off, but only after being incarcerated for 14 years. He had been charged with setting off 20 low-intensity bombs over 10 months during 1996-1997 in Delhi, Rohtak, Panipat and Ghaziabad. He told TOI on Tuesday: “The government has policies to rehabilitate surrendered terrorists, but nothing for those who are falsely charged.”

“The issue of alleged wrongful arrests is being repeatedly raised at various forums. While MPs have demanded clarifications on the same in Parliament, Minority Affairs Minister K. Rahman Khan had also written to Mr. Shinde expressing concern over “wrong arrests” of Muslim youths in terror cases. Mr. Khan also highlighted alleged misuse of the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) against minorities and called for special courts to ensure speedy trial of all terror cases.”

Irshad Ali acquitted after spending 11 years in prison on false terror charges

“The six men, all Muslims, had been accused of being conspirators of a terror attack by two gunmen at Akshardham Temple at Gujarat’s capital city, Gandhinagar, on 24 September 2002 who had killed 33 people. This is what Adam Ajmeri, an accused who the lower court had sentenced to death and who spent 11 years in prison before the apex court acquitted him, told The Indian Express: …Qayyum [Mufti Abdul Qayyum Mansuri alias Mufti Baba], who too served 11 years, had been charged with writing letters the crime branch claimed to have found in the pockets of terrorists killed, but the Supreme Court noted that the bodies had a number of bullet wounds while the letters had no bloodstains, mud or bullet holes…

While [Altaf Malek, who was released in 2008 after serving his five-year term] was in Mumbai recently with Mufti, Ajmeri and Sheikh for a press conference organised by Jamiat-e-Ulema-e-Hind, his family was questioned about his absence, his wife and brother said. “The SC gave us a clean chit and the terrorist label has been removed, but the Gujarat police have become more aggressive,” said Malek, who used to work for an advertising agency in Riyadh and runs a small fabrication business now.”


“The serial blasts which occurred near Hamidia mosque near Bada Kabrastan after Friday prayers on Shab-e-Baraat day in September 2006, killed 37 and injured over 100 people in communally sensitive Malegaon power loom town in Nasik district in north Maharashtra. The bombs were planted on bicycles, ATS investigation revealed.”

Now, can anybody who talks about ‘Islamic Terrorism’ please tell me as to who is going to rehabilitate them. Sorry, you can’t rehabilitate all of them because one of them already died while spending his last days in prison. It took 10 years to prove that they were innocent.

When some innocents who are framed and later released to live lives of misery and desolation they choose to narrate their story in protest. Mohammad Aamir Khan who was charged with murder, terrorism and waging war against the nation when he was 18 chose to narrate his tale of 13 years and 10 months in prison in his book ‘Framed As A Terrorist’. He includes the stories of many other Muslim men framed as terrorists and left to rot in different prisons across India. The book, for example, narrates the story of Maqbool Shah from Srinagar, who was arrested by the Delhi Police at the age of 17. He was accused of being involved in the Lajpat Nagar blast. It was in Tihar Jail that he spent the next 13 years, 10 months and three weeks.”

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