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I am just a Muslim – Debunking ‘I am non-Arab Muslim’ Part 4


Written by Abd al Muhsin al Hindy

Here we’ll be discussing the topic which Agniveer has raised through the alleged quotes, that is captives and slavery, we’ve already shown how captives are , treated very well in Islām in previous parts of the article and

Now its time to shed some light on the issue of slavery very briefly :

Good Treatement of Slaves:

Islām commands Muslims to treat their slaves similar to how they would treat their brothers, eating the same, wearing the same.It’s to be noted that Islām did not invent or start the practice of slavery , it was found all over the world, even before the advent of Prophet Muhmmad, hence criticizing Islām for it is irrational, moreover it was Islām which tried to abolish this system.

Narrated Al-Ma’rur: At Ar-Rabadha I met Abu Dhar who was wearing a cloak, and his slave, too, was wearing a similar one. I asked about the reason for it. He replied, “I abused a person by calling his mother with bad names.”  The Prophet said to me, ‘O Abu Dhar! Did you abuse him by calling his mother with bad names You still have some characteristics of ignorance. Your slaves are your brothers and Allah has put them under your command. So whoever has a brother under his command should feed him of what he eats and dress him of what he wears. Do not ask them (slaves) to do things beyond their capacity (power) and if you do so, then help them.’  – [Sahīh al-Bukhārī, Belief, Vol. 1, Bk 2, no.29]

Jabir ibn ‘Abdullah said, “The Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, advised that slaves should be well-treated. He said, ‘Feed them from what you eat and clothe them from what you wear. Do not punish what Allah has created.’                                                                                                          – [al-Bukhārī, Al-Adab al-Mufrad, IX, no. 188]

Sallam ibn ‘Amr reported from one of the Companions of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, “Your slaves are your brothers, so treat him well. Ask for their help in what is too much for you and help them in what is too much for them.”                                                                                       – [al-Bukhārī, Al-Adab al-Mufrad, IX, no. 190]

Ma’rur said, “We passed by Abu Dharr and he was wearing a garment and his slave had a robe on. We said, ‘Why do you not take this and give this man something else instead of the robe?’ He replied that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, ‘Allah has put your brothers under your authority. If someone has his brother under his authority, he should feed him from what he eats and clothe him from what he wears and not burden him with what will be too much for him. If he burdens him with what will be too much for him, he should help him.'”     

                                             – [al-Bukhārī, Al-Adab al-Mufrad, IX, no. 194]

Abu Hurayra reported that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, “The slave has his food and clothing. Do not burden a slave with work which he is incapable of doing.”                                                              – [al-Bukhārī, Al-Adab al-Mufrad, IX, no. 192 & 193]

Abu Mahdhura said, “I was sitting with ‘Umar when Safwan ibn Umayya brought him a bowl which some people were carrying in a robe. They set it down in front of ‘Umar. ‘Umar then invited some poor people and some slaves belonging to the people around him and they ate with him. Then he said, ‘Allah will do a people or else he said, ‘Allah will curse a people’ who dislike having their slaves eat with them.’ Safwan said, ‘By Allah, we do not dislike them, but we prefer ourselves to them, and by Allah, we do not find good food which we can eat and feed it to them as well.’”                                         – [al-Bukhārī, Al-Adab al-Mufrad, IX, no. 210]

Jabir ibn ‘Abdullah said, “The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, advised that slaves be well treated. He said, ‘Feed them from what you eat and clothe them from what you wear and do not punish Allah’s creation.'”

                                       – [al-Bukhārī, Al-Adab al-Mufrad, IX, no. 101]

‘Ubada ibn al-Walid said, “My father and I went out to seek knowledge from the Ansar in this area before they died. The first one we met was Abu’l-Yasar, the Companion of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, who had been one of his salves. Abu’l-Yasar was wearing one striped robe and one mu’afiri robe and his slave was also wearing one striped robe and one mu’afiri robe. I said to him, ‘Uncle! Why don’t you take your slave’s striped robe and give him your mu’afiri robe, or take his mu’afiri robe and give him your striped robe? Then he would have a complete outfit and you would have a complete outfit.’ He wiped his head and said, ‘O Allah, bless him in it! Nephew, these two eyes of mine have seen and these two ears of mine have heart and my heart has retained,’ and he pointed towards his heart, ‘that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, “Feed them from what you yourself eat and clothe them from the clothes you yourself wear.” It is easier for me to give him the goods of this world than to have my good actions taken away from me on the Day of Rising.'”

                         – [al-Bukhārī, Al-Adab al-Mufrad, IX, no. 187]

Beating slaves:

Hilal ibn Yasaf said, “We used to sell linen in the house of Suwayd ibn Muqarrin. A slavegirl came out and said something to one of the men and that man slapped her. Suwayd ibn Muqarrin asked him, ‘Did you slap her face? We were seven and we only had a single servant. Then one of us slapped her and the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, ordered him to set her free.’

                                        – [al-Bukhārī, Al-Adab al-Mufrad, IX, no. 176]

Ibn ‘Umar said, “I heard the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, say, ‘The expiation for someone who slaps his slave or beats him more than he deserves is to set him free.'”

                                  – [al-Bukhārī, Al-Adab al-Mufrad, IX, no. 177]

Advice of noble Prophet:

‘Ali reported that the last words of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, were: “The prayer! The prayer! Fear Allah concerning your slaves!”

                       – [al-Bukhārī, Al-Adab al-Mufrad, IX, no. 158]

This was the advice and warning to those who do no treat slaves as their brothers and violate the Islāmic principles.And let’s quote some non-Muslim scholars, though being skecptic like all non-Muslim scholars, these admit the following facts:

On the attitude of Muslim master with his slaves, Will Durant says, 

“…he handled them with a genial humanity that made their lot no worse – perhaps better, as more secure – than that of a factory worker in  nineteenth-century Europe.

 -[Hurgronje C., Mohammedanism, (N.Y., 1916), p. 128 as quoted by W. Durant, The Story of Civilization, vol. IV (N.Y., 1950), p. 209. ]

P. L Riviere writes: 

“A master was enjoined to make his slave share the bounties he received from God. It must be recognised that, in this respect, the Islamic teaching acknowledged such a respect for human personality and showed a sense of equality which is searched for in vain in ancient civilization
-[Riviere P.L., Revue Bleaue (June 1939).]

 Gustave le Bon says:

What I sincerely believe is that slavery among the Muslims is better than slavery among any other people, and that the situation of slaves in the east is better than that of servants in Europe, and that slaves in the east are part of the family. Slaves who wanted to be free could attain freedom by expressing their wish. But despite that, they did not resort to exercising this right.

-[ Gustave le Bon, Hadaarat al-‘Arab :Arab Civilisation, pg.459-460]

 End of slavery:

It was Islam that started the demolition of slavery and is very well-know:

Moreover, de facto slave status gradually diminished for individuals within the incorporative nature of Islamic societies,
while de jure slavery in the New World was often castelike and permanent over generations.”

    – [John Hartwell Moore, Encyclopedia of Race and Racism, vol. 3, pg. 54, Thomson-Gale]

“Islam put an end to infanticide then prevalent in the surrounding countries. It put an end to slavery, the ascription to the soil. It administered even-handed justice not only to those who professed its religion, but to those who were conquered by its arms.
It reduced taxation, the sole tribute to the state consisting of one-tenth. It freed commerce from charges and impediments, it freed professors of other faiths from all fixed contributions to their church or their clergy, from all contributions whatsoever to the dominant creed.

                  – [John Davenport, An Apology for Mohamed and the Koran, pg. 79, Dryden press-1882]

Those readers who are interested in learning more about the issue can visit the following links.

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 Slavery in Hindūism:

Now let’s have a very brief look at slavery in Hindūism and the rights of slaves.Slavery is state installed and religion prescribed in Hindūism,Shūdra are slaves forever and have minimal rights.In fact slavery was so wide spread that Hindūs had divided slaves in categories.

There are slaves of seven kinds, (viz.)

1) he who is made a captive under a standard,

2) he who serves for his daily food,

3) he who is born in the house,

4) he who is bought and

5) he who is given,

6) he who is inherited from ancestors,

7) and he who is enslaved by way of punishment.”

           – [Manu Smriti, Ch. 8, verse 415, pg. 326]

Shūdra’s were created slaves and henced should be compelled to do work, so that they always remain slaves and do not try and rise up in the society.

“But a Sudra, whether bought or unbought, he may compel to do servile work; for he was created by the Self-existent (Svayambhu) to be the slave of a Brahmana.
A Sudra, though emancipated by his master, is not released from servitude; since that is innate in him, who can set him free from it?”

                                       – [Manu Smriti, Ch. 8, verse 413-414, pg. 327]

“(The king) should carefully compel Vaisyas and Sudras to perform the work (prescribed) for them; for if these two (castes) swerved from their duties, they would throw this (whole) world into confusion.”

                      – [Manu Smriti, Ch. 8, verse 418, pg. 327]

A slave can be beaten with rope or split bamboo,

A wife, a son, a slave, a pupil, and a (younger) brother of the full blood, who have committed faults, may be beaten with a rope or a split bamboo,

          – [Manu Smriti, Ch. 8, verse 299, pg.306]

Nope, this concept of slavery is not just from Shastras but is directly inspired by vedas,

O King advance towards the North.
May thou obtain the knowledge conveyed in the Anushtap verse, the manifold knowledge of Sama Veda, the twentyone fold praise-song, the Autumn season, the rich treasurer, and Shudras (servants for service).

– [Yajurveda, Ch.10, verse 13, pg.104, Tr. Devi Chand]

 Devi Chand, put the words “servants for service” in the brackets so as to make the meaning clear, and this is the explanation as provided by Mūlshankar too.We read that vedas ask the King to head north so as to enslave those shūdras who’ve been living peacefully so as to make them servants and obtain service from them.

This was just a very brief view of slavery in Hindūism, so as to show our readers the status of slaves in Hindūism and also to expose the hypocrisy of Agniveer.

Exposing the hypocrisy and unauthenticity of source of Agniveer:

Now coming to the two sources of Agniveer from where he took all the fabrications and nonsensical things about Islām.Both the links are simply, deceptive and have concocted and fabricated material to malign Islām, hence aren’t reliable as seen till now. Agniveer writes recommending the links:

For more referencesvisit and

We think its pretty clear that the links provided and recommended by Agniveer are not reliable at all in fact are useless.Nonetheless,we’ll in short show how the source and recommended links of Agniveer, distort ḥadīth, so as to make them look racist, here’s a ḥadīth from Sahīh al-Bukhārī’quoted in both the links:

Bukhari:V4B52N137 “The Prophet said, ‘Let the negro slave of Dinar perish. And if he is pierced with a thorn, let him not find anyone to take it out for him…. If he [the black slave] asks for anything it shall not be granted, and if he needs intercession [to get into paradise], his intercession will be denied.'”

Original ḥadīth translation:

Narrated Abu Huraira:

The Prophet said,
“Let the slave of
Dinar and Dirham of Quantify and
Khamisa (i.e. money and luxurious clothes) perish for he is pleased if these things are given to him, and if not, he is displeased!

Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, “Let the slave of Dinar and Dirham, of Quantify and Khamisa perish as he is pleased if these things are given to him, and if not, he is displeased. Let such a person perish and relapse, and if he is pierced with a thorn, let him not find anyone to take it out for him. Paradise is for him who holds the reins of his horse to strive in Allah’s Cause, with his hair unkempt and feet covered with dust: if he is appointed in the vanguard, he is perfectly satisfied with his post of guarding, and if he is appointed in the rearward, he accepts his post with satisfaction; (he is so simple and unambiguous that) if he asks for permission he is not permitted, and if he intercedes, his intercession is not accepted.”

  – [Source:]

Here’s another translation of the same ḥadīth with the original Arabic text, did anyone read “negro” in here? Of course not, how can anyone find it when the ḥadīth is speaking of slave of money!

        – [ Tr. Dr.Ahmad Zidan and Mrs. Dina Zidan, ‘Mukhtasar Sahīh al-Bukhārī’, part 2, The Book of Jihad, pgs. 639-640, Islamic Inc. ,Cairo]

Look how the recommended links of Agniveer just like Agniveer distort the ḥadīth by adding words like “negro” and then adding in square brackets [the black slave] when no such thing is found in the original
whereas this ḥadīth is simply talking of people who are slaves of money who get pleased when they are given money and displeased if not.Anyone who reads the distorted ḥadīth and the orginal one will at once realize the malicious intentions of the distorter, and also will realize the dirty , filthy face of these people.Hence all the quotes on both the links are mere distortions and fabrications done by Islamophobes to malign Islām.This shows the sincerity and credibility of Agniveer & Co., still you’ll find the blind-followers of him and his cult singing his praises!

Satyagni / Agniveer the hate-monger wrote:

Why does Allah hate my color? I am proud to be brown. My friends are proud to be black. To me they are more handsome than rest of the world because I respect them for what they are. Why does Allah want to change our identities when we enter Heaven? Why has he destined ‘blacks’ till Judgment Day? What’s so wrong with being Black?

Another blatant lie! Any proofs for such a heinous allegation agains the Creator of entire creation? No, we know that Islāmophobe talk withouth any proofs.Let us expose the lie of Agniveer,

The noble Prophet Muḥammad said:

“Verily Allah does not look to your bodies nor to your faces but He looks to your hearts,” and he pointed towards the heart with his fingers.”

                                                                   – [Sahīh Muslim, Bk.32 no.6220]

“Verily Allah does not look to your faces and your wealth but He looks to your heart and to your deeds.”

                                                                   – [Sahīh Muslim, Bk.32 no.6221]

From the above aḥādīth we learn that, Allāh Azz wa Jall does not look at you form, body, colour, face or wealth but looks at your hearts and deeds.And this is sufficient to expose the lie and nonsensical talk of Agniveer,still lets see some more evidences which annihilate the conjectures of Agniveer.

 Black complexion and Islām:

Is Islām and Islāmic society against ‘blacks’? Does Islām hate black? Did Prophet Muḥammad utter ill words against black complexion? Well according to many Adam was dark skinned or even black! So how Islām be anti-black or obsessed with black! Here’s something for Agniveer & Co., from ‘The complete Idiot’s guide to understanding Islam’:

“According to Muhammad, “There is no superiority of a white over a black or of a black over a white. All of you are the children of Adam and Adam was made from dust.”

Then Emerick goes on to his side-notes and writes under,

Translate this

The names Adam and Hawwa (Eve) have actual meanings in Arabic. Adam means black and Hawwa means brown. The first humans were dark skinned. This makes sense if we recognize that humankind originated in Africa.

    – [Yahiya (J.A.) Emerick, The complete Idiot’s guide to understanding Islam, pg. 100 © 2002, Alpha – A Pearson Education Company]

Well, if Adam was black then can Islām hate blacks, as alleged by Agniveer? These allegations are just for maligning Islām and Muslims but in reality these allegations hold no water.Here are some incidents which show Muslims attitude towards the black complexion, for instance here’s a conversation between Muslims and a Roman (al-Maqawqas) Governor, which shows the respect Muslims hold for people with black complexion.

“Amre Ibn al-Aas sent ten messengers including Obada Ibn al-Samitt.  He was 10-hand span high. He was appointed as spokesman for the delegation…Obada was black. When they got on board of ships to al-Maqawqas and as they came to al-Maqawqas , the latter felt some fear for the blackness of Obada’s colour. He said get this black away from me and bring me another one to talk with me instead of him. All of them said: «”This black is the best one among us in opinion and knowledge. He is our master and the best one. He is the decision-maker to whom we must always return as reference with a view to his sound mind. And the commander ordered him to be the spokesman for our group and that nobody would disobey him in opinion and saying”».

He said: «How did you satisfied to let him be your chief. He should be the inferior among you».

«”No! Even if he was black as you see he remains the best in position and the best in conduct, mind and decision-making; and we don’t consider the black inferior to us;”» they replied him. Al-Maqawqas said: «Come closer to me, O, black man, but easily, and talk to me soft. I fear your blackness; if your speech was tough, I would fear you more.

Obada came closer and said: «I have heard your talk, I have left behind a thousand black companions. All of them blacker than me and tougher than me in shape…»

 – [Al- Farouk Omar Ibn Al-Khattab – The Second Caliph , Mohammad Redha, pg 190-191, Dar al-Kutub Ilmiyyah]

Just like other civilizations romans believed blacks to be inferior, but we read above how Muslims portrayed the true status of blacks in Islām.And there more such historical facts which show the true respect Islām commands Muslims to have toward all the factions of society.Moreover it’s a mere myth that Muslims ever were against black complexion or that Muslims despised black complexion as historically such a claim is but farce.In fact Muslims never were racist and this is very well established amongst scholars, and in factuality during 1920-30’s in order to avoid and escape racism, black migrants to North (US) from Southern parts US, lived and worked nears Muslims immigrants from various parts of the world.

Attempting to escape racism
and economic oppression, black migrants often worked and lived near immigrant Muslims who were also in search of new opportunities in cities like Detroit; St. Louis, Missouri; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Newark, New Jersey; and Chicago, Illinois. African Americans became part of a dynamic cultural milieu, where people from every part of the globe were coming in contact with each other, confronting each other’s differences and exchanging both goods and ideas.

       – [Ed. Richard C. Martin, Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World, pg. 708, Thomson-Gale]

 Thus we learn that blacks worked and lived near Muslims immigrants from various parts of the world so as to avoid the vile racism of other Americans! And here Agniveer is alleging Islām to be full of hate for blacks! Nonetheless we’ll learn more about racism and black complexion in the coming passages.

 Prophet Muḥammad on black complexion:

 Allegation of racism on Islām is nothing but travesty of loons at Agniveer & Co. Had Agniveer known nick about Islām he wouldn’t have fallen into this embarrassing lie of racism on Islām, nonetheless here’s one verse from the noble Qu’rān which refutes every such allegation and demolishes such hapless conjectures.We’ve quote this verse elsewhere in the article but haven’t gone into details about it but here we will.

“O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of God is the most righteous of you.”                          

                                                                                  – [Sūrah al-Hujurāt (49):13]

This verse itself demolishes the allegation of hate for black and racism and here what, some commentators commented on it, and why the verse was revelead, from Ma’arif al-Qur’ān:

Circumstances of Revelation

This verse was revealed on the occasion of the conquest of Makkah. When it was time for prayer, the Holy Prophet asked Sayyidna Bilal to call the adhan. One of the pagan Quraish cynically remarked: “Thank God that my father died before this happened, and he did not have to see this bad day. Harith Ibn Hisham remarked: Could Muhammad not find anyone better than this black crow to sound the adhan in the Sacred Mosque! Abu Sufyan said: I do not wish to utter anything for fear that the master of the heavens will inform him. Thus Jibra’il came down and informed the Holy Prophet about this conversation. The Holy Prophet called then and asked them about it. They admitted. At this, the current verse was revealed.

Taqwa of Allah is the basis of Honour

This verse made it plain that human beings can earn honour on account of their faith and righteousness. The immediate application of the verse was to Sayyidna Bilal, and therefore the Holy Prophet said to those people: “You are empty (i.e. you have no moral leg to stand on.) Sayyidna Bilal, on the other hand, is equipped (with high moral qualities); and he is better and more honourable than any of you.” [Baghawi, as cited in Mazhari]. Sayyidna ‘Abdullah Ibn Umar reports than on the day when Makkah was conquered, the Holy Prophet performed tawa (circumambulation of Ka’bah) in the state of riding on his she-camel, [so that all the people could see him]. Then having completed his tawaf, he delivered a sermon in which he said:

“Oh people! Allah has removed for you the pride of Jahiliyyah and its arrogance. People are of two types: a man who is righteous, fearful of Allah and he is honourable to Allah; or a man who is sinful, wretched, and he is disgraced and little to Allah [Tirmidhi and Baghawi].”

The he recited the current verse. Sayyidna Ibn-‘Abbas says: For people “honour” lies in wealth whilst in the sight of Allah it lies righteousness.”

                                                      – [Ma’ariful Qur’ān, vol. 8, pg. 143-144]

And here’s another what al- Wāḥidī recorded,

“(O mankind! Lo! We have created you male and female…) [49:13]. Said Ibn ‘Abbas: “This was revealed about Thabit ibn Qays when he made a remark about the man who did not make room for him to sit: ‘What, the son of so-and-so [referring to his mother]’. The Messenger of Allah, Allah bless him and give him peace, said: ‘Who mentioned that woman?’ Thabit stood up and said: ‘I did, O Messenger of Allah!’ The Messenger said to him: ‘Look at the faces of those present’. And when he looked, he asked him: ‘What do you see?’ He said: ‘I see white, red and black people’. The Prophet said: ‘Well, you are not better than any of them unless it be through [the good practice of] religion and God-fearingness’. Allah, exalted is He, then revealed this verse’. Muqatil said: “On the day Mecca was conquered, the Messenger of Allah, Allah bless him and give him peace, ordered Bilal to climb on the roof of the Ka’bah and perform the call to prayer. ‘Attab ibn Asid commented on this: ‘Praise be to Allah, that Allah has taken my father to Him and made that he did not see this day’. Al-Harith ibn Hisham said: ‘Did Muhammad not find any other caller to prayer except this black raven?’ Suhayl ibn ‘Amr said: ‘Allah willing, he will change him’. Abu Sufyan, on the other hand, said: ‘I am not going to make any comment; I am afraid that the Lord of heaven will divulge what I say!’ Gabriel, peace be upon him, went to the Prophet, Allah bless him and give him peace, and informed him about what they said. The Prophet summoned them and asked them about what they said and they admitted it. Allah, exalted is He, then revealed this verse warning them against boasting about their lineages and abundance of wealth and against looking down on the poor. Abu Hassan al-Muzakki informed us> Harun ibn Muhammad al-Istrabadhi> Abu Muhammad Ishaq ibn Muhammad al-Khuza’i> Abu’l-Walid al-Azraqi> his grandfather> ‘Abd al-Jabbar ibn al-Ward al-Makki> Ibn Abi Mulaykah who said: “On the day Mecca was conquered, Bilal climbed on the roof of the Ka’bah and performed the call to prayer. One person said: ‘O servants of Allah! How can this black slave be allowed to perform the call to prayer on top of the Ka’bah?’ Another man said: ‘If Allah is displeased, He will change him.”

                                                        – [Al-Wāḥidī, Asbāb Al-Nūzul, verse 49:13]

Thus we learn that Islām is egalitarian inherently and commands equality for every human, this verse suffices every sane person, to acknowledge this fact.And all those fabricated narrations which are used by Islāmophobes to label the noble prophet to be racist and against blacks are mere ridiculous concoctions.But here’s what the noble prophet said to one of his companionson his comments about a black complexion, this again shows the egalitarian nature of Islām, and we quote Paul hardly, as he puts it,

Yet this was the spirit of Islām that the Prophet Muhammad taught as we see from the tradition of Ibn al-Mubārak’s (d.797) book, Kitāb al-Birr wa’l Sila.This relates that when some disagreement occurred between Abu Dharr and Bilāl, the former said to the latter: ‘You son of a black woman!’ The Messenger of God –on him be blessing and peace- was displeased by Abu Dharr’s comment and he rebuked him by saying: ‘That is too much, Abu Dharr.He who has a white mother has no advantage which makes him better than the son of a black mother.’ The Prophet’s rebuke deeply affected Abu Dharr and he immediatedly threw himself on the ground, swearing that he would not raise it until Bilāl had put his foot over his head.

– [Paul Hardy, Islām and the race question, pg.6, M.A.T, 2002, Cambridge-UK]

 Black = Brilliant :

And here’s what the noble prophet stated when an Abysinian man of black complexion stated that prophet and other people of fair complexion were favored in terms of looks and complexion so will a person of black complexion enter paradise.And here the noble prophet exposed the high status of black complexion by stating it to be “Brilliant”!And when this person died , the noble prophet himself lowered his body into the grave,this shows how Islām treats people with equality, debunking the claims of Islāmophobes.

Hadhrat Abdullaah bin Umar narrates that an Abyssinian man once came to Rasulullaah .Ask what you wish,” Rasulullaah said to him. The man said, “O Rasulullaah ! You people have been favoured above us in terms of looks, complexion… Tell me. If I believe in all that you believe in and do as you do, will I be with you in Jannah?” “Of course,” Rasulullaah ! replied. Rasulullaah then added, In fact, I swear by the Being Who controls my life that the brilliant complexion of a black person will be seen in Jannah from a distance of a thousand years…Hadhrat Abdullaah bin Umar says, “I saw Rasulullaah personally lowering the man’s body into the grave.”

     – [at-Tabarani Cf. Hayāt as-Sahābah, vol.3, pg. 91]

 As for all the lies and narrations which depict blacks as lowly of makes disparaging comments on blacks are mere fabrications as stated by various Scholars,

“Ibn Qayyim said: All the traditions deprecating the Abyssinians and Sudanese are pure fabrications. A ‘matn’ analysis by itself would be sufficient to reject these reports.” –[Shaykh Al-Albāni – As-Silsilat – Vol. 2, Pg.158]

 Ibn-ul-Qayyim al Jawzia said all ahaadith cursing black people are fabricated. – [Abdullāh Faisal – 100 Fabricated Hadiths – Page 68].

 Thus all the narrations disparaging blacks are mere fabrication as per the science of hadith which are totally rejected.Thus it’s proven that all humans are equal, and does not discriminate against any race of humanity but honours them.Lastly, let’s have a look at what one of the most famous Pan-Africanist scholar and other scholars ,state about Islām and blacks:

Edward Blyden:

One of the most important Pan-Africanist thinkers of the 19th century was Edward Blyden (1832 -1912 CE). Born in St. Thomas, West Indies, he spent most of his life on the African continent. He was an accomplished linguist, writer, educator and world traveler who strongly defended Africa and its cultural and social heritage. Not only was he clearly more knowledgeable but he was also more active in actual realities than the Afrocentrists and other armchair black historians. Most important here though is the fact that Blyden had positive attitudes towards Islām and viewed Islām as a major vehicle for regenerating Africa, despite the fact that Blyden was recognized as being a Christian. Blyden believed that Islām gave Africans, and black people in general, more of an identity as opposed to Christianity. Blyden had experience himself of the hypocrisy of Christianity as he as even refused entry as a student to enroll at the Rutger’s Theological College by fellow white Christians because he was West Indian.

               – [Richard Turner, Islam in the African-American Experience, 1997]

We’ll quote some excerpts from the book- ‘Christianity, Islām and the Negro Race’, of this Pan-Africanist scholar, so as to debunk the claim that Islam hates blacks, in entirety.

Blyden’s book ‘Christianity, Islām and the Negro Race’ is collection of his writings on race, culture and the African personality. Blyden mentions that under Christianity, “African avenues to intellectual improvement were closed”, and thus “Africans were doomed to perpetual ignorance.”(pg.15) Blyden also notes that, “The Negro in Christian lands, where he has been under the training of the white man, exhibits a cringing and servile spirit.” (pg.22)  

During the time that Blyden was writing, the Spanish word ‘Negro’ was used in the English language to describe people dark skinned African descent. This book was first published in 1888 and the re-published in 1994 by Black Classic Press.Further, Blyden’s research and eyewitness accounts refute the simplistic conjectures put forward by the anti-Islāmic and Islāmophobes. For example, Blyden states,

 “The political and social institutions of the Arabs had already been tried and found suitable to the wants and tastes of the Negro tribes. Indeed, the two peoples, if not of cognate origin, have protracted inter-communications, and by the similarity of the physical influences which have, for ages, operated upon them, become similar in tastes. And it was not difficult for the Arabs to conform to a great extent to the social and domestic customs of the Africans: by their teaching, by their intelligence, by their intermarriages with the natives, by the trade and generosity of their merchants, they enlisted so many interests and such deep sympathies that they rapidly took root in the country.” 

                               – [Edward Blyden, Christianity, Islam and the Negro Race, pg. 23]

Blyden further stated in Christianity, Islām and the Negro Race:

 “Every traveler who enters the Muslim regions of West and Central Africa with sufficient basis of information is forced to admit that the man makes a great mistake who approaches the Negro Muslims with the idea that they are “benighted Africans.”Islam in Africa, instead of being treated in the offhand and contemptuous manner adopted by some, who seem to have gathered all their knowledge of Islaam from the Arabian Nights, ought to be approached with earnestness and respect; for there is much in Islam which Christians may profitably study, and from which Christians might learn important lessons.

– [Edward Blyden, Christianity, Islam and the Negro Race, pg. 73]

And further more, Blyden states how Islām spread throughout Africa, Africans were’nt killed, murdered for their lands, nor were their families cleaved, as taught by vedas,

“It is certain that many of these West African tribes have received the religion of Islaam without it being forced upon them by the overpowering arms of victorious invaders.”

– [Edward Blyden, Christianity, Islam and the Negro Race, pg. 199]

And then he goes on to state the contribution of Islām toward the African society,and its contributions to stop slavery,

The introduction of Islam into Central and West Africa has been the most important, if not the sole, preservative against the desolations of the slave trade.
Islam furnished a protection to the tribes who embraced it by effectively binding them together in one strong religious fraternity and enabling them by their united efforts to baffle the attempts of powerful pagan slave hunters. Enjoying this comparative immunity from sudden hostile incursions, industry was stimulated among them…Large towns and cities have grown under Islam’s energy and industry. Dr Barth was surprised to find such towns or cities such as Kano and Sokoto in the centre of Africa – to discover the focus of a complex and widely ramified commerce, and a bust hive of manufacturing industry, in a region which most people believed to have been a desert.”

– [Edward Blyden,Christianity, Islam and the Negro Race, pg. 215 ]

And then Blyden comes to state the egalitarian nature of Islām,

“Islam extinguishes all distinctions founded upon race, colour or nationalityAnd therefore, throughout the history of Islam, in all countries, race or previous condition has been no barrier to elevation.

– [Edward Blyden, Christianity, Islam and the Negro Race, pg.281]

In order to show the egalitarian nature of Islam, Blyden then gives the example of the former slave Kaafoor who governed and ruled Egypt and Syria after proving to be a great soldier and statesman. Abu’l-Misk Kāfoor al-Ikhsheedee ruled Egypt from 334 AH/ 945 CE – 356 AH/ 966 CE.

 And lastly, he states that there is nothing intolerant in Islām toward other religions, as claimed by many, and indicates that every religion has black sheep, but Islām isn’t intolerant.

“There is nothing in the original teachings of Islam that requires hostility to Christians. There are, no doubt, bigots and fanatics among Muslims, as there have been and are now, bigots and fanatics among Christians; but the spirit of Islam, as taught by in its original records, is tolerant.” 

– [Edward Blyden, Christianity, Islam and the Negro Race, pg.281]

And in fact many scholars, historians and orientalist, who were quite not sympathic to Islām, but still stated Islām to be egalitarian and suitable for humans, depite their race, colour and ethinicity.And this is what a orientalist critical of Islām states,

Truly if the question must be put, whether it is Mohammadan or Christian nations that have done most for Africa, the answer must be that it is not the Christian. Christian traverlers, with every wish to think otherwise have remarked that the Negro who accepts Mohammadanism acquires at once a sense of dignity  of human nature not commonly found even among those who have been brought to accept Christianity.Here we find in central Africa, the use of decent clothing, the arts of reading and writing and, what is more , which had forbidden and to a great extent, has abolished immodest dancing and gambling and drinking, which inculcated upon the whole a pure morality, and sets forth a sublime and at the same time, a simple theology, is surely deserving of other feelings than the hatred and the contempt which some portions of our religion’s press habitually pour onto it.

– [Reverend Bosworth-Smith, ‘Mohammad and Mohammadanism’]

Another non-Muslim states that Islām is suitable for any and every humans despite his race, colour …etc,

As a religion the Mohammadan religion, it must be confessed, is more suited to Africa than is the Christian religion; indeed, I would even say that it is suited to the world as a whole.

– [Lancelot Lawton, the Sphere]

And lastly, Lansing ver well puts the astonishement of missionaries, when they observe the egalitarian nature of Islām, practiced by Muslims in Islāmic lands.

An American missionary, residing in Egypt, calls attention to the entire absence of all colour and race prejudice in the country, which seems to have struck him the more from his experience of the unreasonable and superstitious caste prejudices in the land of his birth.”

        – [Lansing, Egypt’s Princes]

Thus, we conclude that all the musings of Agniveer about Islām being racist, are mere myths, which have been thoroughly debunked, and we think that all these scholars preety much expose the lies of Agniveer, about Islām hating blacks, we wonder what would an Pan-Africanist do if he read the article of Agniveer!

Now let’s have a very precise look at what protestant Hindūism believes about blacks.

According to the Yāska black colour is a despised colour.

 “The black one has left places for her: the one of black colour, i.e. the night. Kṛsṇam. (black) is derived from (the root) kṛṣ (to drag away): it is the despised colour.

       – [Tr. Laxman Swarūp, The Nighaṉṭu and Nirkuta, 2.20, pg.33]

As per, classical Hindū scholars, black is a despised colour and not just this but the dark race was enslaved by Hindūs so as to enjoy their women.

 “Having kindled the sacred fire, one should not approach a lovely dark maiden.
It is only for the enjoyment and not for any sacred purpose that a lovely dark maiden is approached. From the analogy that she belongs to the dark race.

And upon this Laxman Swarūp comments in his footnotes:

The question is: ‘how does the word rāmā come to signify “dark”?’ The answer is this. The word rāmā literally means a lovely maiden, but it has acquired the significance ‘dark’ because the maiden belongs to the dark race.

   – [Tr. Laxman Swarūp, The Nighaṉṭu and Nirkuta, 12.13, pg.188]

Thus, Hindūs enslaved women from the dark race, so as to enjoy them proving the existence of racial slavery in Hindūism and Hindū society.Now let’s move ahead to the words of the founder of this cult-protestant Hindūism, that is Mūlshankar, he wrote:

“Besides, Manu also corroborates our position. He says, “The countries other than Aryavarta are called Dasyus and Malechha countries.” MANU 10:45, 2:23. The people living in the north-east, north, north-west were called Raakshasas.
You can still see that the description of Raakshasas given therein tallies with the ugly appearance of the negroes of today.”

[Satyarth Prakash, Ch 8, pg. 266, Translated by Dr. Chiranjiva]

Same passage is translated by Durgā Prasād as,

“Also, the countries other than Aryavarta are called the countries of the Dasyus & barbarians, From this text it is plain that the inhabitants of the countries lying in the east, E N., north, N. W , west art called the Dasyus, Malechas (Barbarians) and Asura( demons) ; and the people occupying the countries in the S. B., south, S W., to Aryavarta, are called the Rakshasaas It is evident now that the shapes of the Negroes is fearful as the devils are described.” You may now see that the fearful shapes of the negro race are exactly like the description of the Rakshasaas in mythological books”          

[Satyarth Prakash, Ch 8, pg.251, Tr. Durga Prasad]

Here is one of the vilest parts of the book of Mūlshankar, this is plain racism! Here he disparages our brothers black in complexion from Africa, such and violation of humane behaviour. And today we find the cultist from this cult alleging Islām to be racist and hating blacks, when Islām has a long living legacy of brotherhood with entire humanity.According to Mūlshankar the “negro race” is:

1) “Ugly”,

2) “fearful as the devils”,

2) “exactly like the description of the Rakshasaas”.

Blatant racism is a belief of protestant Hindūism where, non-Aryans are barbarian, devilish, demonic, rogues and the “negro race” is “ugly”, “fearful as the devils” and “exactly like the description of Rakshasaas”.Why did Ishwar fashion this “negro race” as ugly, fearful and like rakhshasaas? Doesn’t this prove how Ishwar according to these protestant Hindū creeds is partial and hates black colour and black people?

Satyagni / Agniveer the hate-monger wrote:

“The real reason is that Arabs were the fairest and hence this dogma of Arab supremacy was bound to exist in Islam”

Illiteracy par excellence! This statement truly exposes the illiteracy of Agniveer with regards to Islām and Islāmic societies, as per Agniveer Arabs were the fairest people hence there is so-called Arab supremacy in Islām, but this illiterate Islāmophobe is totally wrong.Arabs are white, black and brown in complexion and not just fair, in fact according to many scholars Arabs are mostly black, like an average black person.Moreover in the earlier parts of the article we talked about Ibn Nabtal, a 2 face hypocrite who according to Agniveer was an victim of racism due to his black complexion.It’s noteworthy that Ibn Nabtal wasn’t a non-Arab but was a Arab from a very well-known Arab tribe.Poor Agniveer, seemingly thought this man to be a black non-Arab!

Abū Uthman Amr ibn Bahr al-Kinani al-Fuqaimi al-Basri or al-Jāḥiz wrote a book entitled Risālah Fakhrus-Sudan Alā al-Baythān (Treatise of the Pride of Black People Over the White People), wherein he disparages, depises and refutes racism and nationalism.  In his book, al-Jāḥiz has a chapter called “Aras Are Amongst the Black People,” he notes:

 “There are black tribes amongst the Arabs, such as the Banu Sulaym ibn Mansoor. All who dwell in the Harrah other than the Banu Sulaym are also black. They use Ashban slaves as shepherds, water carriers, workers and servants and take Byzantine women for wives.”

     – [Tr. T. Khalidi, Fakhrus-Sudan ‘Alā al-Baythān (The Islamic Quarterly; Vol. 25; 1981), p. 3-26]

There are fair, wheatish and dark Arabs, and that never made any difference as, all were the children of Adam its only Islāmophobes who lie and try to concoct against truth so that they may be able to lead few away from truth. And here’s how the noble prophet explained a person whose wife gave birth to boy with black complexion , and he doubted the child being his and came to the prophet , and here’s how wisely with full of wisdom, did the noble prophet explain him.

Abu Huraira reported that a man of Banu Fazarah came to the Prophet (SAW) and complained, “O Messenger of Allah, my wife has given birth to a boy with a black complexion.’ The Prophet asked him, “Do you have camels? He said, “Yes.” He asked, “What is their colour? ” He said, “Red.” He asked, “Is there a leaf-coloured one among them?” He said, “Yes, there is a leafy one among them.” He asked, “From where has it come?” The man offered, “Perhaps a vein resembled.” (An earlier one may have had this colour). The Prophet explained, “Thus, here too, is a resemblance to a vein (of an ancestor).” (A reversion to a strain).

                                                 – [Sunan al-Tirmidhī, no.2135]

And it’s well-known that prophets were sent to every nation be it black or white, yellow or red as colour didn’t matter as per Islām we all are children of Adam .And here’s some description of two mighty prophets of Allāh:

The Prophet said, “…Jesus was of red complexion, curly hair and a broad chest. Moses was of brown complexion, straight hair and tall stature as if he was from the people of Az-Zutt.”

– [Sahīh al-Bukhārī, vol. 55, Bk. 4 no. 648]

In short, Islām does not acknowledge colour discrimination and in fact emphatically opposes such discrimination as its againt the very nature of Isām.

 Satyagni / Agniveer the hate-monger wrote:

 It was my folly that I did not read it so far and got manipulated.

Thus, the brutal Arabic truth is that:

a. I am a Mawali

b. I was converted to Islam by getting my neck tied with chains

c. Arabs are best among all humans and I belong to an inferior race

d. Final message and messengers of Allah were sent in the foreign language and land and still I had to surrender to Arabs because I was inferior

e. I cant rule Muslims/world because I do not possess ruling genes unlike Arab masters

f. The women belonging to my country/race can be offered to master Arabs but I cannot have women of the master race Arab

g. Allah hates Blacks

 It was the bêtise of protestant Hindūs to blindly follow Vedas, Mūlshankar and Agniveer who all along manipulated them for cultist gains. Thus, the factual Islāmic truth is that:

a.) Every Muslim is just a Muslim.

b.) Muslims converted to Islam due the egalitarian nature and seeing the truth of Islam.

c.) Any Muslim is superior to other Muslim, when he is God-conscious and righteous, regardless of his race, colour and ethinicity.

d.) Final message and messenger of Allāh was sent in language derived from my father’s (Adam) language, and in the land where my father Adam and his wife were sent by God, hence we surrender to God, and follow his revelation and do not divide humanity into “my language” and “your language”, “my nation” and “your nation”.Hence everything that belonged to my father Adam belongs to me.

e.) I can rule the entire world with the will of God as to Him belongs everything, even a person from lower strata of my community can rule the world if posses the essential qualities.

f.) I can marry any women belonging to any race and colour be it Arab or non-Arab.

g.) Allāh Azz wa Jall does not look to your bodies nor to your faces but He looks to your hearts, and deeds, and loves everyone from his creation as He is the Most-Merciful.

Whereas the factual Vedic Truth is:

1) Non-Āryans are Malechha, Dasyus, Rakhshasa, and Asuras.

2) Hindūs were converted to Hindūism through fooling them and manipulation of their simple minds while making them believe in the so-called equality and truth of Vedas.

3) Vedas are spread and preached through sword and other deadly weapon a Hindū king is to control every thing on earth so that he may spread the Vedic dharma.

3) Brahmans are the best and the supremest of all people, Shūdras are mere slaves servants working for them like animals.Shūdras are inferior and Anaryas (Idiot, as translated by Durga Prasad SP, Ch. 8, pg. 250),

4) Shūdras cannot rule the world because they according to Vedas aren’t fit to do as they are, “idiots”, nor can anyone except Brahmans take sanyas.

5) Vedas the so-called first and only message was only sent for four rishis and was in an “alien” language.Vedas and Sanskrit are’nt for entire humanity, as except those four rishis all other humans have corrupt hearts.

7) Shūdras according to Vedic dharma are fit only for manual and servile work only.

8) Shūdras cannot marry Brahman women, nor can the marry anyother women from any caste, in fact vedas are against inter-caste marriages.

9) Blacks according to protestant Hindūism are ugly and fearful like demons and exactly like Rakhshasaas…etc

Satyagni / Agniveer the hate-monger wrote:

So what options I have today? I still feel like a loyal Muslim as Islam runs in my blood today. Its part of my ego now. I have fought many battles for Islam and they define my pride. I killed my own self to take birth as an Islamic Jihadi. Where do I go now?It would be a disgrace to Allah if I allow to be treated unfairly merely because Allah made me non-Arab. My pride of being Muslim cannot come at cost of insulting the Almighty Allah.Thus Islam HAS TO change and provide me total equality for sake of my self-dignity and pride, my sacrifices, the blood of my ancestors, the atrocities on my mother and sisters

Seemingly, this poor Islāmophobe does not even have cursory knowledge about Islaam.Nor does he seem to know little about Muslims.Muslims are never proud nor are egoist but are grateful and humble for the numerous blessings provided to them by the One true Almighty God.

Abdullāh reported that Allāh’s Messenger said,

“He in whose heart is pride even so much as a grain of mustard seed will not enter paradise.”

                                                         – [Sunan al-Tirmidhi no. 2005]

And noble Messenger also said:

            “Pride is to disregard truth and look down upon people.”

                                                       – [Sunan al-Tirmidhi no. 2006]

Nor do Muslims disregard the truth nor look down upon people but rather it’s the protestant Hindus who are proud,boastful and egoist to be “Aryas”(nobles) who disregard the truth look down upon people labeling them as “Maleccha”(barbarians), “Dasyus”(rogues), “Rakhshasaa”(devils), “Asuras”(demons) and “Shūdras” (idiots). We Muslims as thankful to Allāh Almighty that He has allowed us to follow the truth and be humble and grateful to Him for his Grace, Mercy and Blessings upon the entire humanity.Also the noble prophet Muḥammad said:

“Shall I not inform you about the inmates of Hell? It is every violent, impertinent and proud person.”
– [Sahih al-Bukhāri and Muslim].

Hence, it’s not pride; ego and being pomp aren’t for Muslims but are the characterstics of protestant Hindus the self-claimed “Nobles”.

Islām has always criticized evil acts and will do till eternity, Islām has always held humans equal are proven through out the article, nonetheless here’s few some scholars have written about Islām. While talking of “RELIGION AND RACIALIZATION IN FRENCH COLONIAL AFRICA” Encyclopedia of Race and Racism states:

“Islam, however, emphasizes the total equality of all Muslims, regardless of ethnic origin, in the eyes of God and the faith.”

– [John Hartwell Moore, Encyclopedia of Race and Racism, vol. 1, pg.32, Thomson-Gale]

So does the Encyclopedia of Islām and Muslims state:

“By acknowledging God’s unique otherness, Muhammad claimed that all humankind, of whatever race, ethnicity, tribe, or color was equal before the Lord, and that each would be judged justly according to his or her deeds at the end of time.”

                – [Ed. Richard C. Martin, Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World, pg. 480, Thomson-Gale]

Thus, its not Islām which needs to change but it’s the barbaric, unequal Vedic dharma needs to change which had kept our Indian brothers in darkness for centuries ,which has enslaved their freedom under the pretext of “class” , which has treated non-Aryans as barbarians and has encouraged and preached race pride, casteism, and discrimination.Vedic dharma will have to CHANGE so that our poor ‘Shūdra’ brothers can live with dignity , peace and honour which Allāh Azz wa Jall has granted every child of Adam.So that non-Aryans are respected like other humans and not humiliated and abused.All this unequal treatment of our brothers and sister will have to be made equal.

Satyagni / Agniveer the hate-monger wrote:

Now some may say that whatever verses I have quoted are out of context and mistranslated. In reality they mean something else.

But that’s the whole point. Arabic is a foreign language for me. Arabic is a foreign language for majority of Muslims today. Even Arabic scholars refuse to claim that they understand Quran completely. So this argument is baseless distraction. One cannot merely point at the Chanda Mama (Moon Uncle) to distract a grown up person who is no more a baby.

To decide whether translations are true or false is not something that any non-Arab Muslim can do in this small life. It is impossible even for Arab Muslims. All I know is that these translations have been taken from established texts of Islam published by official sources of all major schools and bodies of Islam.

It’s a shame to read that despite knowing that he(Agniveer)  himself was misinterpreting the noble Qur’ānic verses, providing the verses out of context, it meant nothing to him. Of course how could it mean anything to a polytheist , who blindly-follows a person(Mūlshankar) who has misinterpreted , mistranslated his own so-called holy Books(Vedas) so as to suit the his Whims.A blind-follower of misinterpreter will be a misinterpreter, what more can he be?

But the fact, is that Sanskrit is an ‘alien’ language, JUST for four rishis and no one else.Sanskrit is an alien language for entire humanity except four rishis, even for Agniveer & Co. Majority of “Aryans” do not understand, speak or use this alien language nor do the majority of non-Aryans do.Even those later rishis who learn’t Sanskrit from the four rishis could not comprehend Sanskrit and vedas, so how will the common people fathom it? They cannot as it totally alien and not for humans except the four rishis. So the conjecture of Qur’ān being in so-called ‘foreign language’ is hypocritical.Moreover Arabic either is the original language taught to our Parents Adam and Eve or is derived from it, which makes it a subset language of my Parents , and hence any language and every language which is derived from the one language taught to my parents is mine and that of entire humanity. Hence the conjecuture of Arabic being a ‘foreign language’ is absurd to us as per rationality.

Agniveer is talking of translations! Well, as stated earlier most of the translation of the noble Qur’ān are from non-Arab Muslims, and infact non-Arab Muslims have also critically examined majority of these translation, all these things have taken place hence there is no question of ‘impossiblity’ it seems that Agniveer has no idea what he is talking about.And he further claims “translations have been taken from established texts of Islam published by official sources of all major schools and bodies of Islam” whereas in the entire article he hasn’t even named the translation of Qur’ān he has used, nor did state the name of the translator of the hadith. And what about the translations of At-Tabari, Ibn Ishāq, and some alleged material of Shaykh al-Islām ibn Taymiyyah, who’s translations is he using are they of Muslims? Well no, Ibn Ishāq’s isn’t .Which ‘school of thought’s’ translation is he using , did he name any school of thought? Which bodies of Islām is he talking of ? Fact is that this pathetic Islāmophobe misinterpreted Qur’ānic verse and took them out of their context and quoted them, distorted Islāmic texts like al-Bukhāri and the largely unauthetic book of Ibn Ishāq to make them look racist and inhumane.Shame on Vedic religion, and its followers that they have such unethical apologists!

Satyagni / Agniveer the hate-monger wrote:

 The proof of cake lies in its eating. So instead of passing the buck on wrong translations or conspiracy of Kafirs or inadeqaute intelligence of Mawalis, all major schools and preachers of Islam have to officially announce the following if they are indeed not fooling non-Arab Muslims:

1. Whenever the next Caliph is appointed in future, whenever Muslim Ummah is strengthened, he would be a non-Arab Muslim. We prefer him to be from Indian subcontinent because it is the largest Muslim group of world. But we do not mind and would instead welcome if he be a native African of ‘black’ color.

Proving a point lies in providing evidences and facts and not mere talk and claims.Instead of rattling the same rhetorical talk and lies it would have been better that Agniveer had come out with some just criticism which is appreciated.As Islām and Muslims always appreciate just criticism.Here Agniveer is again blabbering the same old song without any proofs.As stated earlier that last Caliph was an non-Arab turk, readers interested in can read about the Ottaman Caliphate which was entirely of non-Arabs.Moreover instead of wasting the time of lying upon other religion had Agniveer launched a mission to remove the barbarism and falsehood from his religion , poor Shūdras might have been today  respected as humans.Hence we demand all the followers of Vedas ,regardless of their sects, cults and school of thoughts, for instance Sarvedeshik Ārya Pratinidhi Sabhā, Vishwa Hindū Parishad..Etc to stop fooling Hindūs and come out proclaim:

1) That every Human is equal there is no caste or class system.No one is a Shūdra, Vaishya, Kshatriya or a Brahman but are mere humans equal.

Satyagni / Agniveer the hate-monger wrote:

2. The next chief Imam of Masjid-al-Haram – the largest mosque of world that surrounds and manages Kaba area – would be a non-Arab. And the team of Imams would have a proportionate representation of all ethnic groups. Till this happens, they would boycott and condemn Saudi Arabia government and call for ban on Hajj to oppose racism. After all, when EQUALITY – the much touted foundation of Islam – is mocked, rest of the rituals become mere jokes.

(So far not one single Imam in history of Mecca mosque has been non-Arab. Shame on this blatant racial discrimination in a location that is sacred for entire Muslim Ummah.)

 Illiteracy and ignorance embarrses a person, like Agniveer here has been.Kabah itself is a part of Masjid al-Haram, where people can pray when its opened, even prophet prayed in it many times. Elsewhere in another hapless article he writes down his delusions thinking Kabah to be something other than Masjid. Kabah is a part of Masjid al-Haram where people pray, when opened, even the prophet prayed in it.

Ibn Umar said, “The Prophet arrived at Makkah and sent for Uthmaan bin Talha. He opened the gate of the Ka’ba and the Prophet, Bilal, Usama bin Zaid and Uthmaan bin Talha entered the Ka’ba and then they closed its door (from inside). They stayed there for an hour, and then came out.” Ibn Umar added, “I quickly went to Bilal and asked him (whether the Prophet had prayed). Bilal replied, ‘He prayed in it.’

                  – [Ibn Hajar, Al-Fath al-Bāri, Kitāb as-Salāt, no.455]

Someone came to Ibn ‘Umar and said, “Here is Allah’s Apostle entering the Ka’ba.” Ibn ‘Umar said, “I went there but the Prophet had come out of the Ka’ba and I found Bilal standing between its two doors. I asked Bilal, ‘Did the Prophet pray in the Ka’ba?’ Bilal replied, ‘Yes, he prayed two Rakat between the two pillars which are to your left on entering the Ka’ba.”

                           – [Sahih al-Bukhāri, Bk. 1, no. 390]

Ibn ‘Umar said, “The Prophet arrived at Mecca and sent for ‘Uthman bin Talha. He opened the gate of the Ka’ba and the Prophet, Bilal, Usama bin Zaid and ‘Uthman bin Talha entered the Ka’ba and then they closed its door (from inside). They stayed there for an hour, and then came out.” Ibn ‘Umar added, “I quickly went to Bilal and asked him (whether the Prophet had prayed). Bilal replied, ‘He prayed in it.’

                             – [Sahih al-Bukhāri, Bk. 1, no. 457]

So, this is another lesson for Agniveer, we hope that he may learn something from the above facts and not blabber that same, conjectures again and again.Also, there have been thousands of non-Arab Imams of Masjid al-Haram, in factuality in Medieval times there were atleast four Imams leading the prayers in the and these usually were from different parts of the world for instance some from Africa some from Persia and some from Yemen.And again Agniveer exposes his illiteracy of Islam and Muslims when he says that not even one non-Arab has become the Imam of Masjid al-Haram, whereas there have innumerable non-Arabs, and we’ve earlier quoted the dialogue between Abdul Malik and Imām Az-Zuhree , where Az-Zuhree states that “‘Atā Ibn Abee Rabāh,” a “Mawāli” was leading people at prayer in Makkah!

And this was the case all over the Islamic lands where non-Arabs used to lead Muslims in prayer, which included companions of noble prophet and other great scholars.For instance here’s a similar incident from al-Rubaza a village of Madinah, the city of noble prophet:

When Abu Zarr reached al-Rubaza, prayer was to be held and there was a man readying hirnself to be the Imam
(he was a slave already freed for alms).
The man told Abu Zarr: Come in Abu Zarr and take my place.

Abu Zarr said: No! You have to keep your place. The Messenger of Allah (to whom may Allah’s Blessings and peace be granted) told me: ‘Listen to and obey even a slave released for alms’. He was a black man called Mujashe’.

– [Othman ibn Affan – The third Caliph, Mohammad Redha, pg.86, Dar al-Kutub Ilmiyyah]

Thus a black man who was a freed-slave used to led people, including the companions of noble prophet like Abu Dharr (Abu zarr) shows us how race, ethinicity , never mattered what matteres is God-Consciosness and piety.Hence it’s absurd, even to state such a thing when there exist nothing like racism in Islām.And somepeople put it like this:

“Again, mainstream Islam is fundamentally opposed in principle to nationalism, racism, and tribalism.”

                – [Lewis V. Baldwin and Amiri Yasin Al-Hadid, Between Cross and Crescent pg. 53, University Press of Florida]

A.J. Toynbee says in Civilization on Trial: 

The extinction of race consciousness as between Muslims is one of the outstanding achievements of Islam, and in the contemporary world there is, as it happens, a crying need for the propagation of this Islamic virtue…”

 Then he comments that,

“…in this perilous matter of race feeling it can hardly be denied that (the triumph of English-speaking peoples) has been a misfortune.”
– [Toynbee, A.J., Civilization on Trial, pg. 205, New York, 1948]

We think this would help our readers in seeing the truth and helping Agniveer come out of his delusional world.And we demand protestant Hindūs especially the Sarvedeshik Ārya Pratinidhi Sabhā to declare:

2) Sanyās can be taken by anyone be it Shūdra, Vaishya or Kshatriya.

And until this isn’t declare and employed over all the Shakhās of the samāj, Havans are to be banned and no other rituals are to be performed, as the self-respect and dignity of humans is at stake.

Agniveer / Satyagni the Hate-monger wrote:

3. They would force Saudi Arabia government to change rules regarding marriage of Arab woman to a non-Arab Muslim man. They would force Saudi Arabia government to proactively denounce recial discrimination in marrige as a social evil. And till that happens, they would condemn Saudi Arabia government officially for being anti-Islamic.

There is nothing like racism in Islām or in Saudi Arabia, forget legalised racism as insinuated by the chronic and consummate liar Agniveer.Nor does the law of Saudi restricts a non-Arab man from marrying Arab women as proved in the earlier parts of article.And moreover what has “Saudi Arabian government” have to do with Islām? And Muslims aren’t blind followers of the polytheistic vedas or of racist Mulshankar that they need to be anti-Islāmic! Only blind-following Islāmophobes are anti-Islāmic due to their blind-following.We still wonder why does Agniveer apply all these things to his own Vedic dharma which is blatantly racist and discriminatory innately.All these allegations have been refuted in the earlier parts of the article.Well, we would request all the organizations, bodies, reperesenting the vedas and Vedic dharma to strictly ban all types of discrimination with regards to marriage.

3) Enforce Hindūs to act with equality and promote inter-caste/class marriage as forbidden by Mūlshankar (and other rishis) and other scriptures of Hindūs.

Every Shūdra should be able to marry Brāhman women and similarly to all caste, all those rishis are to be strictly criticized for their inhuman behaviour and their discriminatory statements should be removed from their books.

Agniveer / Satyagni the Hate-monger wrote:

4. All those translations of Quran, Tafsirs, Hadiths and other Islamic texts that smell of racial discrimination in any manner as fake and hence should be banned. They would issue fatwa that all these translations are ‘haram’ and any person involved in promoting, distributing, recommending or quoting these is guided by Satan. For example, works of Ibn Kathir, Muhsin Khan, Yusuf Ali, Pickthall, Dawood, Jalalyn, Al-Tabari etc as available in English and Urdu deserve the fatwa. One can give benefit of doubt to Arabic verses assuming that their meanings can be understood only after Judgment Day. But there has to be zero tolerance for all these translations.

Well, a racist nose always tries and smells racism everywhere, even though it may not exist! What can we say of these people who are self-proclaimed, pomp “nobles”? Well, there is no fatwā which states that all these translations are fine or in line with Islāmic doctrines.And as proven in entire article that these there is nothing ‘racist’ in Islām or Islāmic texts, so why would one want these translations to be labeled “Harām”, well there’s just one answer, seemingly Agniveer fears that these translations would reach every dark corner and illuminate those conrners and eradicate the darkness within there.Well, we are wondering why did Agniveer mention the name “Dawood”? It seems that Agniveer is under the impression that Dawood was “Muslim Scholar” who translated Qur’ān, thus he has named him with all the other Muslims translators and few Islāmic Scholars, to educate this poor illiterate Islāmophobic protestant Hindu we elobrate that N.J Dawood (Nessim Joseph Dawood) wasn’t a Muslim but Iraqi Jew, who haphazardly translated the Qur’ān, and mistranslated various verse due to his bias.Nonetheless we still do not understand why would anyone want these translations to be labeled ‘Harām’, when none of the Scholars ever labeled translations of Sale, Rodwell, Bell, Arberry, Dawood…etc to be ‘Harām’ when they mistranslate various verses! Well, may be because as well-know ‘falsehood is bound to perish’.

What about the adamant and blatant racism of Satyarth Prakāsh and Nirkuta? What about the discrimination of Vedas? Why doesnot  Agniveer demand these books to be banned, if he truly stands for truth? Well, there are thousands who claim to stand for truth, but as very well-said ‘actions speak louder than words do’!  We demand that all the translations of “Satyarth Prakāsh” (Bible of Hate) be it any language, be banned for it racist and discriminatory writings.We demand all the racist and discriminatory remarks and verses be removed from the Nirkuta and the Vedas.There should be campagain launched against such racist and discriminatory books so that future authors, don’t even dare to write anything such vile.

4) Ban Satyarth Prakāsh for its racist and discriminatory contents, remove the racist and discriminatory contents of Vedas, (and other Hindū scriptures) and Nirkuta et. al. so as to make them humane and little noble.

Agniveer / Satyagni the Hate-monger wrote:

5. The term Mawali be officially banned and there be heavy punishment for usage of this word for non-Arabs.

Delusions! Hardly anyone in the entire Arabian Peninsula today uses the word “Mawāli” as today those great, knowledgeable Mawāli don’t exist! It’s the Indian sub-continental lexiographers and those who misuse the “Mawāli” should be reprimanded for misusing a word which meant “friend”, “cousin”.We demand that,

5) The term “Malechha”, “Dasyus”…etc is to be banned and that an operose punishment is to be prescribed by the law, for using such an inhumane word for humans especially non-Āryans.

Agniveer / Satyagni the Hate-monger wrote:

6. There should be official apology and repentance for the fact that ever since inception of Islam, none of the above points were forcefully adopted by any prominent Islamic group and no concrete steps were undertaken to destroy racism. This should be cited as the greatest disgrace to Muslim Ummah of non-Arab world.

I demand that my pride be restored. I am and want to remain a proud Muslim. But I also want to be a proud Indian, a proud Pakistani, a proud African. And above all a proud human being.

Religion that comes with strings of slavery is not a religion, but a farce. Vedic Dharma – which is applicable to all human beings and all religions – clearly states that Allah’s blessings is same for all – men, women, all nations, all creeds, all races, all colors.

I demand that my religious leaders and preachers ensure that Islam is formally adhering to this noble Vedic precept. All it has to do is to announce its support to the above points.

I love Islam. I live for Islam and can die for it. But not at cost of my nation and my roots. And definitely not at expense of dignity as a human. I refuse to be treated as a slave anymore.

Liberty is my first and foremost birthright that no ideology can dupe me to reliquish.

Delusional Agniveer and his delusions! None of such things were ever legalized by Islām in the first place.Islām never allowed racism to creep into it, as proven but instead helped destroy racism.Agniveer and & Co. are a big disgrace on protestant Hindūs we hope that there are few protestant Hindūs who try and stand for truth, such people representing any community is such a shameful thing to think of. We hope that the leaders of protestant Hindūism try and come out with official apology for lying against Islām, distorting Isāmic texts, spreading corruption and racist texts like Satyarth Prakāsh.Moreover all the talk about slavery “racism” and discrimination has been refute and debunked, thoroughly nonetheless, heres what an Orientalist , quite critical of Islām notes,

No other society has such a record of success in uniting in an equality of status, or opportunity and endeavor so many and so varied races of mankind. The great Muslim communities of Africa, India and Indonesia, perhaps also the small community in Japan, show that Islam has still the power to reconcile apparently irreconcilable elements of race and tradition.

                                               – [HAR Gibb, Whither Islām]

Thus all the vain and factless talk about “racism”,
“discrimination” in Isām is just farce from the farceur – Agniveer.And the so-called “noble” vedic dharma has been exposed hence sugarcoating won’t work here, it may work with blind-following protestant Hindūs but not with people with love of facts and evidences.Thus we call upon all the school of thoughts of Vedic dharma including its followers, to follow and staunchly adhere  these egalitarian principles of Islām revelead by their One true Almighty God, so that they be guided towards truth.

We Muslims love TRUTH and follow it, we live for it and can die for it.We love our nation but not at the expense of TRUTH.TRUTH alone we seek and TRUTH alone preach.EQUALITY is our belief which gives us LIBERTY, without denying anyone any DIGNITY.TRUTH is our birthright and no one can deny us that, no dharma/ideology/philosophy can befool us till we hold tight unto TRUTH.

6) We demand an Official apology from the Sarvedeshik Ārya Pratinidhi Sabhā, for the racist and discriminatory writings published and spread by them, we demand an apology for the discriminatory remarks and racists statements made by  their cult leader.We demand, stern steps to be taken against racist books like Satyarth Prakāsh, and other similar literature, so that racism and discrimination are destroyed in the Vedic dharma, which existed since its creation by Hindūs.

Agniveer / Satyagni the Hate-monger wrote:

 I am first a human, then an Indian and only then a Muslim.

I am a proud Muslim. But first I am a proud Indian and even before that I am a proud human being.

I can afford to even be a Murtid (apostate) but can settle for nothing less than exactly equal treatment and equal rights as Arabs. I also demand unconditional apology for the blunder so far.

O Allah! Forgive me if I am wrong. But it were You who taught me that I have right to smile and seek happiness simply because I am a human. You taught me even as a baby that all human beings deserve equal treatment regardless of race, gender or color.

This was the first lesson you taught me even before I came to know that I am Muslim and he is Hindu, Christian, Jew, whatever.

All other lessons were taught by humans. But this smile and equality was taught directly by You. I can leave everything else, but not this divine revelation of Yours.

I can forget my gory past, I can forget how I became a Muslim, I can forget the cries of my ancestors who were murdered and raped, I can forget my roots, I can forget what I had been following ever since inception of humanity, I can forget my culture, but I simply cannot forget the first lessons of liberty and equality taught by You.

I would rather reject being called Muslim than reject You and Your lessons.

If I have to be a Muslim, let the above points be fulfilled first by the representatives of Islam.

And till that happens, I am simply a human being.

 We are first submitters and surrenderers to One true Almighty God our Creator, then an Indian.We are humble submitters surrendering to God at first, then we are children of Adam who are all equal, who love their countries but aren’t fanatic nationalist, like the modern Zionists, Hindū-Fascist( Hindūtva-vādi),IRA and all those other fanatical zealots.As H.G Wells rightly says,

 “Our true nationality is mankind.” 

 We cannot afford to be blind-followers of a cult-leader, though the world may call us “terrorists”, “Jihadist”, “fundamentalists”, “traitors”, “extremist”, for TRUTH and these egalitarian principles we’ll bear anything.

O Allāh Azz wa Jall , forgive these blind-following discriminatory racist and nationalist, these are mere Humans, your  creation who err and You  are All-Merciful .You made them a single family but they made races out of it, You are the Most-Merciful have mercy on these, creation and forgive them for  their sins and guide them to the TRUTH.The foremost principle you taught us is follow TRUTH and shun FALSEHOOD, You honoured every human but they brought dishonour unto themselves by following FALSEHOOD, they disobeyed You and, but give us strength that we may follow the TRUTH.We can leave everything else , but not TRUTH.

We can forget all those, days of darkness under false dharmas, we can forget the racism and tags like “Malechha”, we can forget the animal-like treatement by these “nobles”, we can forget those unequalities , we can forget our nation which called us their people “terrorists”, we can forget all those raping, tortures, illegal detainments of us by OUR compatriots, we can forget the riots, we can foget the economically backwarness, we can forget everything but cannot forget following TRUTH.

 We would rather reject being called humans than reject YOU AND YOUR TRUTH.

We are humans, due to You O Allaah, and we want to be Humans, make not us from the Satans and his followers of FALSEHOOD.You made us Humans, make not us Satans.If Hindūs desire and stand for TRUTH let them shun FALSEHOOD and fulfill the point’s stated.And till that happens you are disguising to be on TRUTH but in factuality are against the TRUTH.

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