999 Sukta's Lost,Still No Textual Corruption In Vedas?


Written by Neer Mohammed
A lot of false claims, about Vedas, are being circulated over the internet by certain self proclaimed scholars.  One such claim is that the Vedas are free from any sort of textual corruption, and the Veda Samhitas are present today in their original form as they were revealed ( read compiled) without the slightest change.

However we come across abundant evidence which point to the fact that Vedas have been changed, and Ved Samhitas are not in the original form. As such the claims of so called ‘scholars’ is as ridiculous as some well wisher saying “you are dead” to a person who himself is claiming to be alive!
In our article “Textual Corruption of the Vedas” we presented evidences that proved that Vedas have been changed. The article invoked a mixed response. A few apologists (“Deceiveer”) attempted to refute the article. Though the apologists’ response was disappointing, we took this as an opportunity to share our research with readers, expecting them to benefit from the discussion. Our rebuttal to the pseudo-scholarly response of the apologists can be read here.
This article is a continuation of our series on the textual corruption of Vedas. Here we intend to present more proofs and evidences revealing the textual corruption of Vedas.

999 lost Sukta’s of Rigveda

Shaunak Rishi in his Brahddevata, Katyayana’s in his Sarvanukramani,Sayan Acharya and Skand Swami in their Introduction of commentary of Rig Veda Mandal 1 Sukta 99 state that Kashyap rishi is the seer of 1000 suktas, in these suktas the number of mantras(richas/Verses) increase by one.

  1. Katyayana’s Sarvanukramani :

Katyayana writes on sukt 99
जातवेदस एका । जातवेदस्यम् एतदादीन्येकभूयांसिसूक्तसहस्त्रमेतत्तु कश्यपार्षम् ।
Rishi Kashyap is the seer of 1000 Jatvedas suktas.
2. Shaunak Rishi’s Brahddevata :
Kashyap rishi is the seer of 1000 sukt addressed to Jatvedas which appear before the sukt addressed to Indra (Rigved Mandal 1 sukt 100). The first sukt of  these is “For Jatvedas…(जातवेदसे सुनवाम ……..Rigved Mandal 1 Sukt 99). According to Shakupanithe number of mantras increase by one(in the number of stanzas). (Brahddevata 3 -130 –B)

  1. Shadgurushishya’s Vedarth Dipika :

According to Shadgurushishya’s writings these Richa’s( verses )were 5,00,499 in number.
ऋचस्तु पंचलक्षा स्युः सैकोनशतपंचकम्
In light of the above stated facts we can draw the following conclusions
1. Kashyap rishi is the seer of Rigved Mandal 1 sukt 99, Jatvedas sukt.
2. Kashyap rishi is the seer of a total of 1000 Jatvedas sukt, including Rigved Mandal 1 sukt 99,.
3. Rigved Mandal 1 sukt 99 is the first sukt of these 1000 sukt.
4. These 1000 verses, of which Kashyap rishi is seer, appear before Rigved Mandal 1 sukt 100.
5. In these sukt the number of mantras increase by one, from which we conclude these 1000 suktas contain a total of 500,500 richa (verses).
6. In the extant Rigveda Samhitas we get only one of these 1000 verses, this leads us to the conclusion that 999 sukt are lost from the Rigveda. Alternatively it can be said that 5,00,499 richa (verses )are lost.
The evidences presented above convincingly prove that in the extant Rigveda Samhitas a large number of suktas are missing. In the present article we concentrated only the Rigveda. In future articles along with Rigveda we will be presenting before the readers the changes in the texts of Yajurveda, Samveda and Atharvaveda as well. We would like to conclude this article with a request, for the readers and scholars who would comment on it, to keep the following statement in mind
प्रमाणसिद्धांतविरुद्धमत्र यत्किंचिदुक्तं मतिमान्धदोषात्
मात्सर्यमुत्सार्य तदार्यचित्ताः प्रसादमाधाय विशोधयंतु
If I have said anything contrary to proofs and principles because of my less knowledge, then instead of getting angry please do rectify my errors like a true scholar.

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